"Knack" marks a departure for Sony games' image, more famous for battle and adult action genres.

Designers experimented with an over-sized remote controller to test how the buttons felt for tiny hands. "Knack" targets anyone from 7 to 70, according to Sony. The game can be played in easy or difficult mode, or a combination, allowing parents to play together with kids.

"That was what made 'Knack' so appealing. It can be played by pretty much anyone on the easy setting," said Brian Ashcraft, senior contributing editor for New York-based Kotaku blog specializing in games.

But Yusuke Watanabe, senior producer at the Japan Studio of Sony Computer Entertainment, the company's game unit, acknowledged one disadvantage for a character with thousands of parts.

"It's going to be so hard making a mascot figure," he said with a laugh.


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