October 2013 DIVER Geo Scores Released

The DIVER Geo Score results are in for October. The DIVER Geo Score represents a relative score of the economic health of a U.S. state, county or city. Based on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being the best, this data is updated monthly and is calculated from multiple economic and demographic factors related to three primary data categories—employment, income and housing.

Here are the latest results through October 31, 2013:


Highlights: Virginia Drops Out of the Top 10 and is Replaced by Hawaii; California Most Improved

For October, Virginia, which had a monthly decline of 1 for its Geo Score, fell from the top ten and was replaced by Hawaii. North Dakota and Washington, D.C. continue with the top Geo Scores amongst the States while California gets the prize for the most improved State year-over-year. California’s significant improvement, from 1.6 to 3.6, is attributed to a significant decrease in Unemployment and Foreclosure Rates, especially amongst the top ten State movers. Also noteworthy is the significant Geo Score increase for Colorado (+1.8), South Dakota (+1.4), Montana (+1.2) and Minnesota (+1). South Dakota, Minnesota and Massachusetts all enter the Top Ten while Maryland, Virginia and Connecticut dropped out.
Best Locations     Score    

1 Year Biggest Increase
    Score Changes
North Dakota     10.0     California     +2.0
District of Columbia     9.8     Colorado     +1.8
Vermont     9.6     South Dakota     +1.4
Wyoming     9.4     Montana     +1.2
New Hampshire     9.2     Minnesota     +1.0
South Dakota     9.0     Alabama     +0.8
Minnesota     8.8     West Virginia     +0.6
Nebraska     8.6     New Hampshire     +0.4
Hawaii     8.4     Tennessee     +0.4
Massachusetts     8.2     North Carolina     +0.4

Nevada and Mississippi continue to have the lowest Geo Scores while Maryland suffered the steepest decline in its score (-1.8). This was followed by Arkansas (-1.6) and Lumesis’ home state of Connecticut (-1.6). States suffering significant declines in their Geo Scores saw a marked increase in their Poverty Rates. Six of the ten States with most notable declines, including Illinois, Louisiana and Arkansas, saw increases in both their Unemployment and Poverty Rates.
Worst Locations     Score    

1 Year Biggest Decline
    Score Changes
Nevada     0     Maryland     -1.8
Mississippi     0.2     Arkansas     -1.6
South Carolina     0.4     Connecticut     -1.6
Michigan     0.6     Louisiana     -1.2
Georgia     0.8     Virginia     -1.0
Arizona     1     Rhode Island     -0.6
Florida     1.2     Illinois     -0.6
New Mexico     1.4     Pennsylvania     -0.6
Kentucky     1.6     Utah     -0.4
Arkansas     1.8     South Carolina     -0.4


Highlights: North Dakota Counties still Dominate Top 10; Two Colorado Counties Top List of Most Improved

Six of the top ten Geo Score counties come from the Roughrider State of North Dakota. Counties with the most significant increases in their Geo Score came from Colorado, California and Florida, which all experienced positive trending decreases in Unemployment and Foreclosure rates, as well as positive trending Housing Price Indices.
Best Locations     Score    

1 Year Biggest Increase
    Score Changes
Williams, ND     10.0     Elbert, CO     +7.1
Slope, ND     10.0     Arapahoe, CO     +5.6
Bristol Bay, AK     10.0     Mariposa, CA     +4.9
Dunn, ND     10.0     Calaveras, CA     +4.5
Denali, AK     10.0     Alpine, CA     +4.5
McKenzie, ND     10.0     Colusa, CA     +4.4
Midland, TX     10.0     Placer, CA     +4.1
Mountrail, ND     10.0     Sonoma, CA     +4.1
Stark, ND     10.0     Collier, FL     +4.0
New York, NY     10.0     St. Johns, FL     +3.9

Although there were no common factors among counties with the greatest declines in Geo Scores, there were trends with six of the ten counties (Geary, KS; Monroe, PA; Piute, UT; Portsmouth City, VA; Rice, MN; York, PA) showing decreases in Labor Force Participation Rates, with eight of ten showing increases in Poverty Levels.
Worst Locations     Score    

1 Year Biggest Decline
    Score Changes
Telfair, GA     0.0     Sabine, TX     -6.8
Yuma, AZ     0.0     Portsmouth City, VA     -4.7
Lyon, NV     0.0     Piute, UT     -4.7
Jenkins, GA     0.0     Baltimore City, MD     -4.5
Imperial, CA     0.0     York, PA     -4.2
Nye, NV     0.0     Monroe, PA     -4.1
Hancock, GA     0.0     Rolette, ND     -3.7
Tuscola, MI     0.0     Geary, KS     -3.7
Flagler, FL     0.0     Hale, TX     -3.7
Holmes, MS     0.0     Rice, MN     -3.7


Highlights: More good news for California with both Best Overall Score and Biggest Increase; Aurora, CO Tops the List of Biggest Increase

This month’s top city Geo Scores saw Redwood City, CA knock off Torrance, CA from the list.

For the Top Ten Geo Score increases at the city level, all saw declines in the Unemployment and Foreclosure Rates, as well as positive trending Housing Price Indices. California had 19 of the 25 top movers for cities.
Best Locations     Score    

1 Year Biggest Increase
    Score Changes
Midland, TX     10.0     Aurora, CO     +3.8
Odessa, TX     10.0     Vallejo, CA     +3.5
Palo Alto, CA     10.0     Redding, CA     +3.3
Alexandria, VA     9.9     Temecula, CA     +3.0
Walnut Creek, CA     9.9     Santa Rosa, CA     +2.6
Mountain View, CA     9.9     Hayward, CA     +2.5
Newton, MA     9.8     Chino, CA     +2.1
Sunnyvale, CA     9.8     Fairfield, CA     +2.1
San Mateo, CA     9.8     Roseville, CA     +2.0
Redwood City, CA     9.7     Fort Myers, FL     +2.0

Significant turnover occurred in the Worst 10 cities, with the following new entrants of Hartford, CT, Muncie, IN, Camden, NJ and Merced, CA. For cities with the steepest declines in Geo Scores, all had increases in Foreclosure rates. Eight of the Bottom 10 also saw increases in Poverty Levels.
Worst Locations     Score    

1 Year Biggest Decline
    Score Changes
Flint, MI     0.0     Peoria, IL     -4.1
Detroit, MI     0.0     Bridgeport, CT     -3.9
Victorville, CA     0.0     Portsmouth, VA     -3.4
Palm Coast, FL     0.1     Baltimore, MD     -3.1
Youngstown, OH     0.1     Roanoke, VA     -2.5
Hartford, CT     0.1     Winston-Salem, NC     -2.5
Muncie, IN     0.2     Decatur, IL     -2.5
Camden, NJ     0.2     Des Moines, IA     -2.5
Dayton, OH     0.2     Warner Robins, GA     -2.4
Merced, CA     0.3     Palm Bay, FL     -2.3

For more information or to see a full list of DIVER Geo Scores for the current month, please visit our website at www.lumesis.com/our-solutions/diver-geo-score.

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