Google's Set on Googling Through Your Home

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- There has been a lot of activity in the gesture recognition technology space. From Google recently buying Flutter, to Intel gobbling up Omekover the summer, one thing for sure is: this space is getting a lot of attention.

This has me thinking the gaming world, Microsoft's Kinect-style gesture features, and the motion sensor universe, could collide to play a vital role in how residential lighting and ventilation are utilized. Could that be some of the logic behind the Flutter acquisition?

Google has already invested over $1 billion in alternative energy, so it may be reasonable to think the company could be trying to enter the home energy management world after seeing the recent success of Nest's Learning Thermostat.

Considering Nest (which originated from Tony Fadell -- creator of the Apple iPod and iPhone) is now moving into fire detection, the potential for software in the home is certainly being validated. did create PowerMeter, a free energy monitoring tool to help people access their personal energy data. The company actually shut down this offering two years ago, but said it would "look forward to what will develop next in this space".

My hypothesis is that Google still sees opportunity to help people save energy, and gesture technology could be a disruptive way to accomplish that goal. Considering Google is supporting kite power, driverless vehicles, wind power, solar power -- and more -- the company could perhaps look at gesture technology as the game-changing innovation that allows them to once again get back into the home energy management market in a big way.

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