BloomNet, a leading floral industry business service provider and one-stop destination for innovative products and best-in-class services, has announced the launch of a comprehensive web based education platform offering online instruction focused on enhancing profit opportunities for BloomNet Professional Florists.

BloomNet, a subsidiary of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. has teamed with Udemy (, a global online education marketplace for courses, to create the new Floriology Institute Online education portal. Udemy offers more than 11,000 courses available on-demand using any web-enabled device including desktops, tablets and smartphones. In creating its new education portal, BloomNet is leveraging Udemy for Organizations (UFO), an online corporate training platform, which is a trusted source of learning and training for more than 1 million users.

Among the key areas of education that will be available to BloomNet Florists through Floriology Institute Online are hand-selected courses focusing on customer service, sales, social media, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance and accounting, office productivity, human resources and other best business practices as well as custom developed courses in floral design, product care & handling and several other floral-specific categories.

“Continuing education is vital to the success of the floral industry, and BloomNet is dedicated to providing education specifically designed to assist retail florists in expanding their growth opportunities,” said Mark Nance, AAF, President of BloomNet. “BloomNet is an industry leader in innovative technology-based tools and programs that teach techniques in enhancing operational efficiencies, increasing sales possibilities and broadening profit potential for retail florists. Our new, leading-edge Floriology Institute Online education platform brings all of these advantages together for BloomNet Florists via the ease and convenience of the Internet.”

About BloomNet®

BloomNet® ( or 1-800-BloomNet) is an international wire service and a world class business solutions provider offering quality products and diverse services to a select network of professional retail Florists who utilize BloomNet’s resources to grow their businesses profitably. Professional Florists who are part of the BloomNet network can take advantage of several key benefits including the highest published rebate in the industry with the easiest rebate qualifications, tiered membership costs, state-of-the-art technology solutions, and a complete suite of value-added products and services. BloomNet has established and maintains the industry’s most stringent business standards for participating Florists. BloomNet, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc.

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