Mattress Firm Provides The Comforts Of Home For Transplant Patients

Mattress Firm, Inc., the nation’s largest specialty mattress retailer, today announced that it will be donating 32 mattresses sets, 64 pillows and protection kits to Houston-based Nora’s Home, which provides affordable lodging for pre-transplant and post-transplant patients and their families who travel to any of Texas Medical Center’s transplant centers. The donation is scheduled for October 31, 2013 at 3p.m.

Nora’s Home is a new, free-standing facility near the Texas Medical Center at 8300 El Rio Street built with the specific needs of transplant patients in mind. The facility, scheduled to open November 11, has 16 private bedrooms and baths, a fully equipped kitchen, a great room, a chapel, a community room, an education center and free shuttle services to the medical center. On February 11, 2014, Nora’s Home will have their grand opening ceremony where Mattress Firm will be honored. Nora’s Home is generously naming one of the family suites, the Mattress Firm Family Room.

“Supporting our hometown and the local community of Houston has long been a passion for us at Mattress Firm,” said Steve Stagner, president and chief executive officer of Mattress Firm. “We are honored to be able to support Nora’s Home’s efforts to provide a comfortable and affordable place to stay for patients and their families who are visiting the Texas Medical Center.”

Dr. Osama Gaber, director of The Methodist J. C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center, and his wife Dr. Lillian Gaber, a nationally renowned transplant pathologist, established Nora’s Gift Foundation in 1998 in memory of their daughter Nora, who was killed in a tragic automobile accident on June 12, 1997 at the age of seven. Her organ donations helped several critically ill children which fueled the creation of Nora’s home, an enduring gift to those in need.

“Studies have established that separation from the patient’s support network increases stress, adversely impacting the transplant recovery process,” said Kayla Lehmann, Nora’s Home Executive Director and transplant patient. “The cost of trying to keep families together for such an extended time often becomes prohibitive, adding to the stress for many patients. Through the generosity of donors such as Mattress Firm, this facility will offer a home away from home in the city that has become one of the world’s elite transplants centers.”

Steve Stagner, Dr. Osama Gaber, as well as other members of the board, will be on hand to receive Mattress Firm’s donation and celebrate the great strides that have been made in making Nora’s Home a reality.

About Mattress Firm

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About Nora’s Home

The mission of Nora’s Home is to offer affordable lodging for pre-transplant and post-transplant patients and their families who travel more than 100 miles for treatment at any of the Texas Medical Center transplant centers. It will be the first of its kind in Houston, providing care; education and support for transplant patients and their families in a home-like environment. Local transplant patients will also have access to Nora’s Home facilities between their daily clinic appointments

Nora’s Home will be a freestanding facility located on three acres near the Texas Medical Center at 8300 El Rio Street. Built with the specific needs of transplant patients and their families in mind, it will include sixteen private bedrooms and baths, a fully equipped kitchen, a family room, meditation room, laundry facilities, a multi-purpose room and an education center to provide transplant education, teleconferencing and internet access. A free shuttle service to the medical center will reduce the daily cost of medical center parking.

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