Marketing Technology Innovator Voltari Launches Voltari Pathways To Attribute Foot Traffic To Mobile Advertising

Voltari Corporation (NSDQ: VLTC), a marketing technology company with over 10 years experience in developing data driven solutions, announces the launch of Voltari Pathways™, a new product feature that allows advertisers to track store visits resulting from mobile impressions. This new feature reduces the guesswork that has long existed for multi-channel marketers.

Voltari Pathways™ is the latest enhancement to Voltari Connect—a platform that already allows advertisers to target consumers who have taken action beyond the initial click on a banner ad. Now marketers can use Voltari Connect to track, understand, and optimize actions toward their ultimate objective—foot traffic. Optimization based on intent to purchase, and attribution of store visits, are capabilities especially appealing to retail, auto, entertainment and QSR brands.

“Our team is focused on finding the most innovative uses of data to serve marketers who do business in multiple channels, including web, mobile and brick and mortar stores. We know that foot traffic is the ultimate goal for many of our advertisers, so we are incredibly excited to be able to offer this turnkey product,” said Rich Stalzer, Voltari CEO.

How Voltari Pathways™ Works

The system begins by delivering mobile ads to only those consumers predicted to have the highest interest. Next, targeting is refined based on the “second click,” when consumers engage with landing page features designed to capture purchase intent, such as store locator, looking up store hours, in-store offers or events. The technology then identifies when a device that has been served a Voltari ad is later present at specified locations, and Voltari does this without using any personally identifiable information. Foot traffic is quantified as mobile users visit store, restaurant, dealer or theater locations following receipt of a targeted ad. Finally, a marketer can re-structure and optimize campaigns based on the ultimate conversion—foot traffic.

"Unlike similar features recently introduced by competitors, Voltari's store visit count is based on empirical data from natural ad traffic, versus projected results from a pre-selected mobile panel,” notes Shannon Denison, Voltari VP Product & Insights. In other words, Denison explains, effective use of the new Voltari feature does not rely on delivering a portion of the marketer’s ads to a pre-identified opt-in consumer panel that  we assume reflects the behavior of a larger population. Real ads are delivered to real prospects, and real foot traffic is captured and reported.

About Voltari

Voltari has empowers brands and agencies to maximize their advertising dollars through smart marketing and advertising solutions. Voltari's real-time, machine-learning optimization delivers content and messaging to people who are most interested in it, when they are most likely to interact, through an integrated and scalable managed service platform. This technology enables Voltari’s clients’ campaigns to gain efficiencies that improve their performance over time. Voltari's technology, expertise and unique go-to-market approach continually deliver higher ROI for its customers while remaining respectful of consumer privacy and compliance with all relevant privacy statutes. For more information on the company, visit or follow @voltarimedia on Twitter or Linkedin at

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