DB Systel GmbH Selects ADVA FSP 3000 For DB Group's Connectivity Needs

AXIANS to Support ADVA Optical Networking Technology in Metro and Long DistanceApplicationsADVA  Optical Networking todayannounced  that DB Systel GmbH  has selected the ADVA  FSP 3000 to support metroand  long  distance  network  applications.  The  frame  agreement  with  systemintegrator   AXIANS  is  based  upon  ADVA  Optical  Networking  technology  forconnectivity  solutions  of  multiple  10 Gigabit  per  second  (10Gbit/s). Thisconnectivity  enables DB Systel GmbH to  flexibly meet bandwidth requirements inits network."We  are now able  to address the  increasing demand for  bandwidth arising fromdifferent  applications and  departments of  the DB  Group, as  well as internaloffice  communications in the most flexible, cost-effective and future-proof waywith  service  provider  based  solutions  as  well  as  our own optical networkimplementation," said Brigitte Baumgartner, head of Access and Carrier Services,DB  Systel  GmbH.  "The  ADVA  FSP  3000 offers  the modularity, ease of use andreliability  we need  in a  platform to  support our  varied connectivity needs.What's  more, AXIANS and ADVA Optical  Networking have established themselves asleading players in the marketplace."DB Group offers mobility and logistical services and employs over 300,000 peoplein  more  than  130 countries  worldwide.  Its  core  business is German railwaytransport,  which carries more than  5 million customers every day. Furthermore,DB  Group has become  a global provider  of mobility and  logistics services. DBSystel  GmbH is DB Group's internal ICT provider, operating the Group's completeIP network infrastructure. Applications supported by DB Systel GmbH include datacenter  services, connection of  ticketing machines, online  bookings, sales andpassenger information systems, schedule control, video surveillance and internaloffice communications."As  the universal provider for all of  DB Group's vast, current and emerging ITand  communication  needs,  DB  Systel  GmbH  requires multi-service support andfuture-proofing   scalability,"   commented   Volker  Lempert,  director  marketdevelopment  carrier, ADVA  Optical Networking.  "The ADVA  FSP 3000 provides DBSystel  GmbH  just  such  a  combination  of networking power and flexibility tosupport  whatever high-speed  data, storage  and video  applications and trafficprotocols that the DB Group might throw at it.""DB  Systel GmbH was looking for a  solution they could rely on," said SalvatoreSutera,  project manager, AXIANS. "We have proven international expertise in thefields  of design,  implementation and  operation of  international PAN-Europeannetwork  infrastructures. We also have a  trusted relationship with ADVA OpticalNetworking.  This  combination  provides  DB  Systel  GmbH  with a resilient andflexible solution that meets their networking needs now and in the future."                                     # # #About ADVA Optical NetworkingADVA  Optical Networking is a  global provider of intelligent telecommunicationsinfrastructure  solutions. With software-automated Optical+Ethernet transmissiontechnology,  the Company  builds the  foundation for high-speed, next-generationnetworks.  The Company's FSP product family adds scalability and intelligence tocustomers'  networks while  removing complexity  and cost.  With a  flexible andfast-moving organization, ADVA Optical Networking forges close partnerships withits  customers to  meet the  growing demand  for data,  storage, voice and videoservices. Thanks to reliable performance for two decades, the Company has becomea  trusted partner for more than  250 carriers and 10,000 enterprises across theglobe. For more information, please visit www.advaoptical.com.About DB Systel GmbHDB Systel GmbH with its head offices in Frankfurt am Main and 3,100 employees isone  of  the  leading  providers  of  ICT  services  in Germany. A subsidiary ofDeutsche  Bahn, DB System  covers the entire  life cycle of  IT and CT solutionsfrom  specialist analysis to strategic planning and development right through tooperation  and optimization.  The company's  revenues in 2012 were approximatelyEUR 765 million. www.dbsystel.deAbout AXIANSAXIANS  is the brand for corporate communication of VINCI Energies in Europe andoffers  convergent and  scalable IT  infrastructure solutions  for secure voice,data  and video  communication. In  Germany NK  Networks &  Services GmbH is theindependent  IT  system  integrator  under  the  AXIANS  brand. With a dedicatednationwide business unit structure and synergies within an international team oftechnical   experts   and   consultants  AXIANS  is  specialized  in  supportingtelecommunication   and   broadband   services,   cloud  services  and  internetapplications with design, upgrade, maintenance and operation of highly efficientinfrastructures.  AXIANS understands the  challenges in this  growing market andhas  established itself  as a  highly specialized  system integrator and servicepartner  of leading international carriers  and internet service providers. Moreinformation can be found at www.axians.de.Published By:ADVA Optical Networking SE, Martinsried/Munich and Meiningen, Germanywww.advaoptical.comFor Press:Gareth Spencet +44 1904 699 358public-relations(at)advaoptical.comFor Investors:Wolfgang Guessgent +49 89 89 0665 940investor-relations(at)advaoptical.com[HUG#1738634]