FIMALAC: The Fnac And Fimalac Groups Are Joining Forces To Develop Ticketing Solutions And Acquire The Company Datasport

PARIS, Oct. 29, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --
The  Fimalac Group  is joining  forces with  the Fnac  Group by acquiring 50% ofKyro,  a subsidiary  of France  Billet (member  of the  Fnac Group)  that offersticketing  solutions for  entertainment professionals,  venue operators and showproducers.The shares will be acquired through a rights issue and the proceeds will be usedby  Kyro to finance the acquisition of Datasport (DSP), a leader in sports eventticketing for over 20 years.Together,  Fnac and Fimalac  will support the  development of Kyro's business inthe entertainment segment, while the acquisition of Datasport will allow the twopartners to strengthen their position in sports events.The  combined business will provide entertainment and sports event professionalswith  a full  range of  ticketing solutions,  including software, on-line sales,access control and ticket exchange solutions.The transaction is subject to approval by France's anti-trust authorities.Paris, October 29, 2013.FNACANG:[HUG#1738687]