Homeward, I had thought, had done a very good job at cost control. And like Ocwen, we did a lot of our routine functions in India, so does Ocwen, but when I looked at the comparison they were getting much more productivity at much lower costs out of their people than we were, and with smaller turnover of people. And India nowadays is such competition for people to do the call centers, to do back office things, that there's an enormous amount of job hopping. They do not have as much job hopping away from them as other companies out there, and I think it's because they do a better job training the people. There are things at training new people. There are things at weeding out the new people that don't work out for them, and as a result they've built, what to my mind, is quite an amazing corporate culture because it's very tricky in any kind of service business to have the combination of high quality service and yet a low cost delivery system. They've accomplished that. So it's not so much an anecdote, it's just the achievements that they've made may sound small to you reducing call waiting time by a couple of seconds is a really big deal, and it's really hard to do.




If you've ever tried to get your local phone company or utility company on the line you'll know what I mean.


Yeah. Yeah. No, that's very helpful. Thank you. All right. There are other people you can think of who would be important to speak to about Bill?


I would call some of the other directors. I'm relatively new. We've been involved with them for less than a year. So I've known him socially for quite a while, but I haven't seen him, at one point maybe 15 years ago the company was not in all that good shape. There are probably more anecdotes about how he got it turned around, and so the people who've been on the board in particularly for a long time might very well be a very rich source of that. I can only talk about the company in a more contemporary form because that's all that I've been directly exposed to.

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