University Of Phoenix Introduces Phoenix Career Guidance System

University of Phoenix® today introduced the Phoenix Career Guidance System™, an integrated, interactive system of complementary tools that help job seekers and prospective students make the connection between their interests, skills and education, and an in-demand career that best fits them.

While many Americans want to get back into the workforce, take their careers to the next level or start a new career, some do not have the skills, competencies or education required to meet the demands of available jobs. The Phoenix Career Guidance System continues University of Phoenix’s commitment to closing this skills gap by helping individuals assess their interests, identify careers related to those interests, and better understand the demand for those careers in their particular market and the typical education and skills required by employers.

“To effectively explore your career options, you need to begin with an understanding of what you actually enjoy doing and then research the job opportunities available in your local area that fit your interests and skills,” said Barry Feierstein, University of Phoenix chief business operating officer. “The Phoenix Career Guidance System helps individuals through this process.”

The Phoenix Career Guidance System begins with assessing the prospective student’s current career status – are they just beginning their careers, looking to move up in their careers or change to a new career. Based on this information, the System guides individuals through several tools including a survey that allows potential students to identify their professional interests and related careers, as well as access to current and recent job and labor market information. Learning about the current and recent local hiring demand and typical salary ranges helps students make more informed choices about their career path.

Among some of the most innovative features of the System is a new Military Skills Translator Tool designed specifically for military service members and veterans. The translator tool takes the military occupational specialty code assigned to each service member and provides a list of civilian occupations that may prove a good fit considering skills gained in the military. Each military occupation is linked directly to the labor market data found within the Phoenix Career Guidance System to give service members and veterans a detailed job and labor market overview in their region. This helps them tie their military skill set to in-demand civilian occupations and the education and career paths needed to compete for those jobs.

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