Howie Mandel Challenges People To Learn The Fibs And Facts About Atrial Fibrillation And Its Associated Increased Stroke Risk

People who have an irregular heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation (AFib) not caused by a heart valve problem may not know the facts about the condition. Emmy ®-nominated game show host Howie Mandel didn’t either. That is, until he was diagnosed with the condition and became one of approximately 5.8 million people in the United States living with AFib not caused by a heart valve problem. Howie Mandel soon learned that AFib is the most common abnormal heart rhythm, and people who have AFib not caused by a heart valve problem are at a five times greater risk of having a stroke than people who do not have the condition.

To help raise awareness about AFib and its associated increased risk of stroke, Mandel has partnered with Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer Inc. to educate Americans about this condition, and to encourage people with AFib not caused by a heart valve problem to speak with their physicians about treatment options that can help reduce the risk of stroke.

“When I was first diagnosed with AFib not caused by a heart valve problem, I didn’t know what it was or how common it was,” said Mandel. “My diagnosis motivated me to learn all I could about the condition, and now I’m committed to helping people test their own knowledge of AFib while raising money for National Stroke Association by taking the Fibs or Facts quiz at”

“Quiz participants can’t lose,” said Mandel. “You’ll come away knowing the fibs and the facts about AFib and increased stroke risk and you’ll also be supporting a tremendous organization.” A $1 donation by Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer will be made to National Stroke Association for each person who completes the quiz, up to $25,000.

There are two types of AFib: one caused by a heart valve problem, and one that is not. The majority of AFib is not caused by a heart valve problem. Strokes due to AFib are more severe and more likely to be fatal than strokes not associated with AFib.

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