So I say, simply, congratulations if you gamed Amazon correctly or if you traded it well, or if you invested in it for the long run. And stop complaining if you missed it, or worse, if you shorted it, 'cause you are just plain wrong. You can come back and say "you just wait and see." I say, "people have said that for $160 billion dollars' worth of market cap and have left huge gains for others, so let's stipulate that you've been dead wrong and move on."

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The Pattern That Plagues the Market

Posted at 2:5 p.m. EDT on Monday, Oct. 21

Yep, tomorrow we get Friday's postponed employment number at 8:30 a.m. and we need to recognize that we will be right back on Washington's red-hot griddle because that's just the way it works these days. You have to figure that no matter what the number, you are being given a reason to sell. If it is too strong, we will hear that the Fed is nervous about the strength of the economy. We will hear Fed governors interviewed who will fret about how it is time to scale back bond-buying. If it is too weak, we are going to hear that the tussle over the shutdown and the debt ceiling killed the U.S. economy and it can't be revived by the Fed's failed efforts.

The confusion will be viewed as a fabulous opportunity to take profits in stocks. You know what? I say bring on the sale. So many stocks have gone up endlessly that we need a sell-off to cool things and give us better opportunities to buy.

Which brings me to the pattern that has plagued the market for years and must be recognized if we are going to be able to dodge bullets and make money: First people decide that there is something in Washington that is more important than anything else that any company could possible say.

This Washington preeminence is part of both the aftermath of the great recession and an activist administration that really doesn't care about the stock market, even as it's been pretty darned good despite this administration. In the wave of Washington's hegemony, companies become bit players in the bigger scheme of things and we don't really listen to what they have to say, even during earnings season.

Instead we parse minutes or count heads or gasp at the indecision, the rancor and the partisanship. Some of us are like children waiting for Santa Claus, with Santa being played by the Grand Bargain. I am surprised we don't leave milk and cookies for the Grand Bargain in front of our chimneys so when politicians come sliding down to give us the gift of bipartisanship they get their just rewards.

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