DriveFactor Unveils MyDriving Plus, A Free Driving Feedback And Savings Mobile App

DriveFactor today released MyDriving Plus, a free mobile app that helps drivers save money on a variety of car-related expenses by measuring and improving driving performance. Unlike other driving apps, MyDriving Plus requires only an iPhone to gauge driving behavior by measuring activities like hard stops and accelerations. The app then offers driving tips and offers savings based on driving behavior. In addition, it’s one of the few apps that give you full ownership and control of your data.

MyDriving Plus uses a smartphone’s built-in sensors to measure acceleration, deceleration, duration of each trip, and distance traveled, offering drivers perspective on their safe driving performance. MyDriving Plus users can also opt in to connect with auto lenders and insurance companies to reduce monthly expenses for car loans and auto insurance.

“MyDriving Plus builds on DriveFactor’s data platform to provide accurate driving feedback based on credible research. It augments our ability to provide value to and learn from consumers,” said Steve McKay, CEO at DriveFactor. “Many insurance companies offer benefits based on how you drive, but none offers a way to learn how well you are likely to do with the option to shop with multiple insurers. We believe that responsible drivers deserve to spend less not just on insurance, but on car loans and vehicle maintenance, too. MyDriving Plus encourages and empowers you to take control of your driving and potentially realize significant savings.”

“Over the next few months, MyDriving Plus will introduce additional value-added features that consumers can look forward to,” said Gloria Guntinas, Director of Product Development at DriveFactor.

Any data MyDriving Plus collects is stored securely in DriveFactor’s cloud-based servers. Personal information is never rented, sold, or shared with third parties without user permission. Users can opt in to receive valuable savings and incentives from our partner rewards platform, which includes insurers, financial services companies, automotive and retail establishments, and others.

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