GigOptix, Inc. (NYSE MKT: GIG), a supplier of advanced semiconductor and optical communications components announces that the GigOptix GX62472 linear quad channel MZM driver has demonstrated more than 30% power consumption savings compared to the previous generation.

High-performance power-efficient linear devices enable 100 Gbps/400 Gbps advanced modulation formats that address end user demand for more bandwidth. GigOptix’s GX62472 is a second generation, quad 32 Gbps per channel, linear Mach-Zehnder modulator (MZM) driver, specifically developed and optimized for long-haul telecommunications. The release of a power-efficient linear driver by GigOptix is a significant milestone and further strengthens GigOptix’s 50% long-haul driver market leadership position. Enabled by advanced engineering techniques, the GX62472 now delivers leading linear quad driver performance with a typical reduction of power enabling 2.1W per channel. The power reduction was achieved in the GX62472 while demonstrating excellent total harmonic distortion performance.

“We have demonstrated significant power savings for all four channels compared to the earlier generation of devices. The new GX62472 device has a 30% power reduction achievement and directly enables our customers to target higher data rates via advanced modulation formats, and into smaller form factors where power consumption is of increasing concern,” said Mr. Andrea Betti-Berutto, Chief Technical Officer at GigOptix, Inc. “GigOptix customers come to us for the best performance in their advanced long-haul modulation systems, and we continue to innovate our trailblazing products. Lower power linear MZM drivers will enable faster adoption of next generation systems working towards terabit systems.”

About GigOptix, Inc.

GigOptix is a leading fabless supplier of semiconductor and optical components that enable high speed information streaming that address emerging high growth opportunities in the communications, industrial, defense and avionics industries. The Company offers a broad portfolio of high performance MMIC solutions that enable next generation wireless microwave systems up to 90GHz and drivers, TIAs and TFPSTM optical modulators for 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps fiber-optic telecommunications and data-communications networks. GigOptix also offers a wide range of digital and mixed-signal ASIC solutions and enables product lifetime extension through its GigOptix Sunset Rescue Program .

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