TE Connectivity Reveals New Options For Data Center Design Flexibility

TE Connectivity (TE) today announced that it has engineered new options for data center designers looking to improve design flexibility in high-speed data center environments. This breakthrough was achieved by proving the performance of a 10-connector channel in a data center design currently used by a major European national government.

Data center designers face ever-expanding restrictions with the flexibility of their infrastructure design because of the increasing speed and volume of data being transmitted across links in modern data centers. These higher transmission speeds limit the number of connectors that can be included within a channel because of the inherent losses each connection point introduces into the transmission path. This, in turn, reduces infrastructure design options, which can compromise the agility of the data center in meeting user demands.

To improve agility, TE placed a cross-connect in the main distribution area, the horizontal distribution area, and the equipment distribution area of the data center, to form part of the design. This meant that a high-performance optical cabling and connectivity solution was required to support the resulting 10-connector channel as each extra interconnect would add extra loss which could quickly use up the losses allowed in the application loss budget.

To show how this agile design could be delivered, TE demonstrated a 300 foot, 10-connector channel composed of multiple sections of OM4 fiber-optic cable interconnected with TE’s MPOptimate high-performance, low-loss MPO system. Both 10 Gbps Ethernet and 8 Gbps Fibre Channel transmissions were successfully delivered over the same 300 foot link, with outstanding transmission characteristics as shown on the industry-standard eye-pattern diagram graphic. The eye pattern gives a visual representation of how clearly the data is ‘seen’ by the receiving equipment in the data center. The measured optical signal integrity through the 300 foot 10-connector channel was nearly identical to that of the original transceiver signal.

“The secret to the success of the MPOptimate connector is based on the tight control of the fiber end face geometries and the high-precision polishing techniques used in the manufacturing process,” says Willy Rietveld, head of the enterprise networks fiber optic group based at TE’s world class fiber laboratories in Den Bosch, Netherlands. “This high level of connector performance gives data center owners more flexibility in designing an infrastructure to support an agile data center.”

More information on TE Enterprise Networks and the MPOptimate System can be found at: www.te.com/enterprisenetworks

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