For Google, Netflix, And More: High Stock Prices Could Be Just The Beginning

Antonio Alfonso, Kapitall: With earnings for many companies right around the corner, could these high stock prices go even further?

Earnings season is always an exciting time for traders. Some stocks surge, some stock fall, and overall it's just fun to do your analysis and place your bet. Last week Google (GOOG) reported earnings and the stock soared to over $1000 per share. Today, Netflix (NFLX) will be releasing a very anticipated earnings report. 

Shares for Google and Netflix were trading at $1003 and $354, respectively, at the previous market close. These high stock prices may not be easy for some investors to stomach. But still investors get curious when shares of any company begin surging to record levels. We often bring you stocks under $5 or $10, but this time we wanted to take a look at some high stocks prices.

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This led us to screen for companies with shares trading over $100. That's right,  over $100

Since winners are preferred over losers, we also screened for signs of healthy potential returns and growth prospects. We specifically limited our results to stocks with  performance in the year-to-date over 10%, and an estimated earnings per share (EPS) for next year over 15%

Investing ideas

As part of our screen, Inc. (PCLNcame out on top with shares trading at $1087 at the previous close. The high stock price hasn't slowed it down as has been soaring this past year and looking to continue the trend into next year. The share's price target was recently upgraded by analysts at Susquehanna International Group to $1200. 

MasterCard International (MAis also part of our high stock price group. With shares trading at $717 at the last market close, the company is part of the top 10 highest priced shares. The company is focusing on some surprising emerging markets like Myanmar, where it is helping to move the country from an all-cash based economy to a plastic payment one. 

A favorite provider of organic and free-range Mexican food, Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) is another company included in our high stock price screen. While the company recently beat r evenue estimates, there are some challenges present as the company begins to experience higher costs. If Chipotle can control its expenses and increase its operating margin, investors could benefit nicely from revenue growth.

If Google is an attractive company because of what it does, then Chinese competitor Baidu Inc. (BIDU) could merit a look by investors. Chinese internet usage is only about 41% of the population right now. This means there could be serious long-term growth for China's largest search engine as more citizens come online. The company is successfully capturing the increasing mobile usage, but it has begun to lose market share to other search engines.

And although it might not be an environmentalist's favorite company, Monsanto Co. (MON) just barely made our screen with shares trading around $106 at the previous close. It is expected to grow its EPS next year by about 14% and is a market leader in GMO crops and pesticides. But investors should take note of a recent report linking agrochemicals to disease .

So are the high prices for these stocks justified? Will they go even higher? Tell us what you think.

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