4 Second Careers That Offer Competitive Salaries

Many Americans worry today about not having enough money to fund a comfortable retirement. But for some, another question will arise before they are financially prepared to leave the workforce: What happens if the career they've had for years is no longer satisfying -- or even available?

For many baby boomers, the answer may involve a second career. also known as an "encore" or "second act" career. But pursuing a new profession in the second half of life can be challenging -- particularly for those who are accustomed to a certain level of income.

"Surveys consistently show that baby boomers want to continue working beyond retirement age," says Jack Plunkett, CEO of Plunkett Research, Ltd. and author of The Almanac of American Employers. "Maybe not full-time, maybe not with the same level of stress they worked under during younger years or first careers, but they want to be meaningful members of society, and in many cases they also still need income."

If you'd like to pursue a new career in the second half of your life and still need to earn a competitive salary, these attainable and in-demand job titles may be worth considering.

1. Corporate consultant

Average salary : $59,560 (training and development positions) or $64,300 (sales positions)

Suitable for: Someone with extensive industry experience, contacts and skills who wants a new angle on a current or former field

Where the jobs are: Large and small corporations and businesses

If you love your industry but have tired of your post within it, you could parlay your skills, experience and contacts into working as a consultant. Consultants often deal with specific projects or clients in areas such as sales and corporate development. These jobs often require minimal transition time and may offer high earnings if you have highly technical skills or management experience.