Dr. J's Virginia Squires Jersey
Selling price: $190,414

Without Julius Erving, the National Basketball Association arguably would be a clinic in touch passing, sound fundamental layups and jump shots. Yes, it would be as bland as a stale saltine and several times as boring. Players dunked before Dr. J, but Erving turned dunking, no-look passes and ankle-breaking crossover dribbles into vital elements of the game.

So when a game-worn jersey from Erving's early days as a pro came on the market, the price got out of hand quickly. Just for perspective, Erving last played with the Squires in 1973. Both the Squires and their American Basketball Association ceased to exist in 1976, when the ABA merged with the NBA.

That puts a crimp in supply, which gave Erving's jersey unprecedented demand when it sold at a Grey Flannel Auctions event in 2011. It fetched a higher price than a staff jacket worn by UCLA coach John Wooden throughout his career ($183,500) and a playoff-game-worn Los Angeles Lakers jersey worn by Wilt Chamberlain at the end of the 1968-69 season ($73,409).

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