CSC Issues Research Report On Global Apps REvolution

CSC (NYSE: CSC) today announced the release of a 49-page research report on the global proliferation and escalating influence that tens of billions of applications are now having on personal lives, business operations and world economies. Entitled Apps rEvolution, the report explores the impact of apps on an astonishing array of consumer and business activities while simultaneously establishing a new model for how information systems will be built and used in the future, reinforcing the growing “apps economy.”

According to the study, with apps being embedded into just about everything, the growing influence of mobility and cloud are yielding a dramatic change in how applications are designed and delivered and how work gets done as witnessed by the emergence of finder apps, check-in apps, tap-and-pay apps, etc.

Lead author and CSC senior architectural specialist Dr. Erika Olimpiew contends apps are becoming critical to both product and service leadership in nearly every industry sector, representing the future of how enterprises interact with customers, employees, partners and machines.

Olimpiew reports that in redefining how applications are created, distributed and consumed, the revolution is upending the traditional client-server, browser-centric web model and breaking up monolithic applications. Spurred on by the consumerization of IT, employee demand for in-house business productivity and customer service apps has grown, followed closely by demand for enterprise app stores and app management tools in enterprises and government agencies.

Olimpiew argues that the underlying structure of the information technology industry is changing. Lower barriers to entry and new apps marketplaces have simplified production, distribution and consumption of apps, with open application programming interfaces igniting opportunities for innovation. As industries blur, apps are helping to drive deeper integration between people, things, businesses and society. In the report, she concludes by noting that the Apps rEvolution is creating a robust and growing "apps economy."

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