Ventura, Calif. Is Making Investments In Motorola’s Real-Time Crime Center Solution For Smarter, More Proactive Policing

(IACP, Motorola Solutions Booth #120) – The amount of data and how to access and use it effectively is a challenge for public safety officials. The Real-Time Crime Center from Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) integrates the data sources into one operational view. As part of the scalable architecture of the Real-Time Crime Center solution, the Ventura, Calif. police department is using a phased approach to implement features such as Motorola’s new PremierOne™ Intelligent Data Discovery (IDD) service. This new customizable service helps consolidate and analyze real-time key performance indicators and historical data resulting in actionable, dashboard views of the situation. IDD tools such as data analysis bring focus to the historical and real-time data points to help Ventura officials identify crime patterns and trends to drive more effective decisions. The web-based dashboards graphically display real-time details and the scalable system allows the integration of data from additional systems such as city operations, fire, public works and more. By providing actionable intelligence, the IDD service is helping Ventura officers move from reactive to proactive decision making.

  • When integrated with other data sources, the information generated from the PremierOne™ IDD service helps agencies achieve a 360-degree actionable view of organizational data. Customers can use Motorola’s CompStat Dashboard through the IDD tool to generate instant graphical displays of reports to help identify crime trends and allocate resources appropriately.
  • The IDD Service enables analysts and other users to build, modify, deploy and distribute self-service reports to anyone in their organization. It can also perform quick searches and “what-if” analysis to alert users when certain criteria have been met, and it creates web-based dashboards and scorecards to graphically display aggregated information so users can quickly analyze real-time details to identify trends, metrics and historical performance.
  • Motorola’s Real-Time Intelligence Console delivers a first-of-its-kind configurable console view that integrates multiple disparate systems into a unified operational public safety-driven workflow in the Real-Time Crime Center.
  • Motorola’s Professional Services gives customers the knowledge and skills they need to help manage risk and reduce cost through Operational Benchmarking, Mobility Assessments, Strategy and Visioning.
  • Comprised of key service offerings, such as technical support, comprehensive device repair coverage and advance exchange of system components, Motorola’s Service from the Start includes bundled service packages that can help maximize system and device availability, allow decision makers to budget in advance for their technology maintenance requirements and lower an organization’s total cost of ownership.
  • The City of Ventura is located about 70 miles north of Los Angeles and provides a full range of services to 109,000 residents.


Ken Corney, Police Chief, Ventura Police Department

“Our initial results using the Intelligent Data Discovery solution provides a significant improvement in our ability to identify crime trends in real-time and more effectively deploy our resources. Our ability to customize different views allows us to provide patrol officers, detectives, dispatchers, supervisors and managers with actionable information specifically related to their individual mission. This tool is a big step forward for our predictive policing efforts which in turn, better protect my officers as well as the citizens of Ventura.”

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