Cabot Corporation Announces New Family Of Highly-Conductive Carbon Blacks And Conductive Concentrates For Plastics And Other Applications

Cabot Corporation (NYSE: CBT) announces the launch of the VULCAN® XCmax™ family of super conductive specialty carbon blacks for use in plastics applications in which compounders and end-users require high conductivity at low carbon black loadings. The products are specifically designed with a unique morphology that builds on Cabot’s proprietary furnace black process technology and provides among the highest range of conductivities achievable with carbon blacks as well as excellent cleanliness and consistency. In addition, Cabot introduced a new line of conductive concentrates to complement its existing CABELEC® conductive compounds products.

VULCAN XCmax Conductive Carbon Blacks

The new VULCAN XCmax family is designed to meet a variety of requirements for use in wire and cable, antistatic flooring and safety systems, automotive fuel tanks and inlets, coatings, and electronics and electrical products. The VULCAN XCmax family complements Cabot’s existing XC conductive carbon blacks to offer the broadest, most complete portfolio of conductive carbon blacks.

“Customers are requesting the lowest possible loading carbon black in order to minimize impact on the underlying mechanical properties of the polymer,” said George Haines, global segment manager for Plastics. “Our new VULCAN XCmax carbon blacks deliver this important attribute and can be utilized in a wide variety of applications.”

Cabot’s VULCAN XCmax products are designed for applications that require plastics to be conductive or dissipative at relatively low loadings. This ensures the mechanical properties of the underlying polymer are not affected, which is key for many electrostatic dissipation applications.

“The Vulcan XCmax family delivers a range of performance beyond conventional specialty carbon blacks providing customers a new, reliable option to current competitive alternatives for conductive applications,” said Sameer Bharadwaj, vice president, Marketing and Business Strategy for Cabot’s Performance Materials Segment.

CABELEC ® Conductive Concentrates

Cabot’s new line of conductive concentrates complements its existing CABELEC® conductive compounds products, building on Cabot’s capability to compound high loadings of electrically conductive carbon blacks into polymers. The new products, CABELEC CC6135 polystyrene concentrate and CABELEC CC6277 polyethylene concentrate, enable converters greater control of formulations to reach application-specific resistivity targets. The use of a CABELEC conductive concentrate in place of a finished compound allows formulators to add proprietary polymers and additive packages to tailor a range of compounds to meet specific customer needs. This range of CABELEC conductive concentrates will be expanded to include a wider range of polymer carriers.

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