Provident Bank To Provide Free Overdraft Assistance To Customers Receiving Social Security And Other Federal Payments Should Government Benefit Payments Be Delayed Due To Possible Debt Ceiling Breach

The Provident Bank,, the oldest community bank operating exclusively in New Jersey for nearly 175 years, has announced that it will provide free overdraft assistance to those customers whose Social Security and other Federal payments may be delayed should efforts to raise the debt ceiling not be resolved soon.

“While we remain hopeful that there will be a resolution in Washington to raise the debt ceiling before Social Security and other payments could be delayed, we wanted to assure our valued customers that in the event a solution cannot be found in time, Provident will step forward to fill the gap should these Federal payments be delayed for even one day. While we are mindful of not wanting to create any false alarms, we believe it is prudent to let our customers who receive Social Security and other federal benefit payments know that we will offer a safety net so that they will be able to continue to pay their bills and make their routine purchases,” said Chris Martin, president of Provident Bank.

Details of the program will be available at all Provident Bank branch locations as of October 25 th.

About Provident Bank

With $5.3 billion in deposits, Provident Bank ( serves its customers via a network of full-service branches throughout northern and central New Jersey. Provident Bank is the wholly owned subsidiary of Provident Financial Services, Inc. (NYSE:PFS), which reported assets of $7.3 billion as of June 30, 2013.

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