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Samson Oil & Gas Limited (ASX: SSN; NYSE MKT: SSN):


Coopers 2-15-14HBK (SSN WI 27.7%)

As previously reported, the Coopers well was drilled and cased to a total depth of 17,685 feet. The well will be fracture stimulated in approximately a month’s time in conjunction with the Tooheys and Little Creatures wells.

Tooheys 4-15-14HBK (SSN WI 27.7%)

Tooheys was drilled to a total depth of 18,435 feet and the production liner was run and set at a depth of 18,405 feet. Frontier Rig 24 was released on Wednesday, Oct 9 th at 12:00 a.m. The rig was then skidded to Little Creatures 1-15-14HBK. Fracture stimulation operations on the Coopers 2-15-14HBK and Tooheys 4-15-14HBK wells will not start until the Little Creatures 1-15-14HBK well has been drilled to total depth.

Little Creatures 1-15-14HBK (SSN WI 27.7%)

The Little Creatures well was spudded on Oct 11 th. The 9 5/8 inch surface casing was set and cemented at 2,190 feet. The rig is currently preparing to drill the 8 ¾ inch intermediate section. Little Creatures 1-15-14HBK is estimated to be drilled to a vertical depth of approximately 11,120 feet into the Middle Bakken and the lateral portion of the well bore will be drilled to a measured depth of approximately 19,668 feet.

Billabong 2-13-14HBK (SSN WI 24.86%)

Key Energy Services Rig 370 is continuing workover operations on the Billabong 2-13-14HBK well. To date, the rig has successfully recovered approximately 20% of the drill pipe that was cemented in the hole. Operations will continue to remove the drill pipe using the wash-over assembly method.

Sail and Anchor 1-13-14HBK (SSN WI 25.03%)

The Sail and Anchor well came on production September 16 th following the initial post frac flowback. The well continues to flow naturally on a 24/64" choke averaging 537 bopd. The well has produced 9,700 barrels of oil over the first 17 days.

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