Jim Cramer: Why I Talk Politics

NEW YORK ( Real Money) --"Stick to stocks, Cramer!"

I get that a lot these days on @JimCramer on Twitter, and my response, uniformly, is: I wish I could.

Believe me, I don't want to have to attempt to know Washington. I don't like politics. I had to do politics on Kudlow & Cramer, and I disdained it. First, you had to be uniformly polite to everyone, deserving or not. Second, what you asked was meaningless to them. They said what they had to say and no more. I was not left or right. I was dead center. No one wants dead center down there. It was impossible.

That said, right now politics is all that matters. So you immerse yourself, you use your contacts in Congress, the Fed, Treasury, whatever you can. And you set out to try to figure out what matters and what doesn't. You do that because of days like yesterday when news from individual stocks was meaningless. Think about it, the only stock that reacted to news of any sort yesterday was L Brands ( LTD), and it was NEGATIVE. Otherwise, what did it matter what any company said? The futures were in control and stocks were playthings.

Think about what has happened since President Obama got elected. Sure, the market's been strong, but that's really the doing of the companies themselves, which have worked hard to be free from Washington as best as they can, and the Fed, which has been most supportive of the wealth effect. There's been nothing good from the president or Congress for stocks that I have seen, and I know first-hand that what's good for stocks may actually be regarded as bad for the base, the people who support President Obama through thick and thin. This is very different from Bill Clinton, who I can tell you first-hand cared greatly about the stock market and was fascinated by it.

Neither party in Congress is any good for stocks at all that I can tell. The Republicans used to be reliable when it came to oil and gas. Now they just back the Keystone Pipeline, which is becoming meaningless except for Canadian crude, and while I personally believe it would be good for America, Green has become a religion, which is why I think that it will never be built under this administration.

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