Neste Jacobs To Deliver The Production Optimization Of Valio Whey Powder Factory With NAPCON(r) APC Technology

ESPOO, Finland, Oct. 11, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --
Neste Jacobs OyPress Release11 October 2013 at 9.00 a.m. (EET)Neste Jacobs to Deliver the Production Optimization of Valio Whey Powder Factorywith NAPCON® APC TechnologyTechnology, engineering and project management company Neste Jacobs and dairycompany Valio have signed a long-term agreement for Neste Jacobs to deliver theproduction optimization of Valio Whey Powder Factory with their APC (AdvancedProcess Control) technology. Neste Jacobs will implement the optimization withtheir NAPCON® Technology with the target primarily in the manufacturing processof the whey powder production."We are very happy to serve Valio with the help of our NAPCON® Product Family.NAPCON® was rewarded already back in 2011 with the "Viva Automation" recognitionprize and this was actually one of the reasons for Valio to contact us", saysJarmo Suominen, Managing Director of Neste Jacobs. "The agreement with Valiosupports Neste Jacobs' vision to be the preferred solution provider for Finnishtechnology companies and increases the brand awareness of the NAPCON® ProductFamily.""We considered several APC providers but became convinced of Neste Jacobs'expertise and the great features of the NAPCON® Technology. Therefore, thedecision to co-operate with Neste Jacobs was very easy to make", says AnteroYlitalo, Production Manager, Valio Powders. "We are currently planning theimplementation of APC technology also in Valio's other production factories andhope that we will be able to continue the good cooperation with Neste Jacobsalso in this area."For more information, please contact:Jarmo Suominen, Managing Director, Neste Jacobs Oy, tel + 358 50 458 3399Antero Ylitalo, Production Manager, Valio Oy, tel + 358 50 384 0482Neste Jacobs in briefNeste Jacobs is a preferred solution provider of high-quality technology,engineering and project services for a wide range of industries in the oil andgas, petrochemicals, chemicals and biotechnology fields. We have more than 50years of experience in technology development and industrial investment projectsas well as maintenance and performance improvement in Europe, North and SouthAmerica, Asia and the Middle East. In addition to the Nordic countries we arelooking to grow in the expanding markets of the Middle East and Russia inparticular. We employ some 1.000 professionals globally. www.nestejacobs.comValio in briefValio is a company owned by 18 milk production cooperatives, which refines andmarkets mainly milk based products. Valio is the biggest milk production companyin Finland and receives 85 percent of the milk produced in Finland. The mainproduct groups are fresh dairy products, cheeses, greases, juices, milk powders,demineralized whey powders and large kitchen products.[HUG#1734939]