Here Are the Rooms Americans Like to Have Sex In

BOSTON ( TheStreet) -- Do Americans prefer lovemaking in the living room or getting frisky in the foyer?

Property-listing site, which specializes in applying real research methods to offbeat housing topics, recently polled some 300 people to ask: "Where is the best place to have sex in a house?"

"We were throwing out ideas of what kind of surveys we wanted to do and we realized this was the kind of thing that you'd want to talk about if you were going to a dinner party," Movoto's Chris Kolmar says.

The site surveyed 345 Americans via Amazon's Mechanical Turk, an Amazon ( AMZN) service that connects companies to the public for simple "crowdsourcing" efforts such as conducting polls. Respondents remained anonymous, but did give their ages, genders and other demographic information.

Kolmar, who holds a bachelor's degree in mathematical economics, says the survey's sample group ranged in age from 18 to 69 and had a few more males and educated people than the U.S. average. (Men made up 63% of those taking the poll vs. 48.5% of all Americans, while an above-average 98% of those polled had graduated high school and 38% held at least bachelor's degrees.)

"Our data set skewed younger and probably more tech-savvy, but the results were so amazingly consistent among all ages and demographics of respondents that I wouldn't be afraid to go to an academic conference and tell people about them," Kolmar says.

Click below to check out which rooms survey participants told Movoto are the best places in a home to have sex. (Total results equal more than 100% due to rounding.)

First place: The bedroom
Percent of respondents who favor it:

Perhaps not surprisingly, more than half of poll respondents picked the bedroom as their favorite place for romance -- a disappointment to Kolmar, who personally favors the living room.

"I was expecting more-ridiculous answers like: 'I like to have sex outside while upside-down,' but we got a lot of 'regular' answers instead," he says. "The results went against all of my preconceptions."

In fact, the bedroom ranked as the No. 1 choice for sex regardless of survey participants' ages, genders or educational achievement.

Slightly more males (52%) than females (49%) did pick the bedroom, but Kolmar doesn't consider the difference statistically significant.

But he does see some significance in the fact that just 38% of respondents with graduate degrees favor the bedroom -- the smallest showing of any demographic group surveyed.

Kolmar attributes the difference to the fact that highly educated people (at least the ones he knows) tend to be more liberal and non-conformist.

"I have a bunch of friends who are getting Ph.D.s and they're definitely a little more eccentric than usual," he says. "So, I can definitely see them not sticking to the norms of society when it comes to sex."

Kolmar speculates that many of the rest of us prefer the bedroom for reasons of privacy and comfort, something many poll participants indicated in their survey responses.

One 24-year-old female specified that she liked having sex "on a bed, behind a closed and locked door," while a 26-year-old male said he favored lovemaking in "a bedroom on a big comfortable bed."

That said, plenty of bedroom backers still manage to get down and dirty.

For instance, one 42-year-old woman told Movoto that her favorite spot for sex is "tied to the bed," while a 23-year-old female noted that she prefers getting naughty on "a roommate you hate's bed."

Second place: The bathroom
Percent of respondents who favor it:

This isn't quite as kinky as it sounds when you realize that the category includes people who like having sex in a shower or hot tub.

For example, one 38-year-old female respondent told Movoto that she prefers intimacy in "the bathroom in a big walk-in shower. It's nice when the water is pouring down around you! :)"

Kolmar also theorizes that many Americans enjoy powder-room proclivities because of things they've seen in motion pictures.

"I think movie portrayals of having sex in a steamy bathroom has somewhat created this fantasy or notion of the bathroom as good place to do it," he says.

Third place: The living room
Percent of respondents who favor it:

This category includes not just survey respondents who specifically indicated they prefer living-room lovemaking, but also those who said they enjoy having sex in front of the fireplace or on a couch.

Kolmar postulates that couch coupling "is probably the kind of thing favored by people want to go a little crazy but not over the top. A couch is a good substitute for a bed."

Still, some living-room Lotharios do manage to get creative.

A few poll respondents specified that they like having sex on armchairs, coffee tables or the living-room floor, while one 32-year-old male said he prefers making love "in the living room while watching TV."

Fourth place: The kitchen
Percent of respondents who favor it:

Kolmar thinks that like George Costanza in Seinfeld, kitchen canoodlers enjoy combining food and sex in one sitting.

"It's just more practical," he says.

For instance, one 27-year-old male said he loves having sex "on the stovetop while my girlfriend is making dinner."

Fifth place: Everywhere else
Percent of respondents who favor it:

Kolmar says this catch-all category includes some "very good answers that I couldn't write about on a PG-13 website, but I thought it would be more popular. Only one in nine people really think outside the box about the best place in your house to have sex."

For example, just 1.4% of respondents wrote that they like lovemaking in the laundry room, while a mere 0.9% enjoy procreating on a porch or deck.

That said, basements, dens and even the roof all have their proponents. Three respondents indicated that they enjoy sex "anywhere" in their homes.

But one 22-year-old male (probably the "bad boy" that your parents warned you about) had perhaps the most-intriguing answer of all.

When asked where in his home he most prefers to have sex, he answered simply: "The dungeon.">

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