Here Are the Rooms Americans Like to Have Sex In

BOSTON ( TheStreet) -- Do Americans prefer lovemaking in the living room or getting frisky in the foyer?

Property-listing site, which specializes in applying real research methods to offbeat housing topics, recently polled some 300 people to ask: "Where is the best place to have sex in a house?"

"We were throwing out ideas of what kind of surveys we wanted to do and we realized this was the kind of thing that you'd want to talk about if you were going to a dinner party," Movoto's Chris Kolmar says.

The site surveyed 345 Americans via Amazon's Mechanical Turk, an Amazon ( AMZN) service that connects companies to the public for simple "crowdsourcing" efforts such as conducting polls. Respondents remained anonymous, but did give their ages, genders and other demographic information.

Kolmar, who holds a bachelor's degree in mathematical economics, says the survey's sample group ranged in age from 18 to 69 and had a few more males and educated people than the U.S. average. (Men made up 63% of those taking the poll vs. 48.5% of all Americans, while an above-average 98% of those polled had graduated high school and 38% held at least bachelor's degrees.)

"Our data set skewed younger and probably more tech-savvy, but the results were so amazingly consistent among all ages and demographics of respondents that I wouldn't be afraid to go to an academic conference and tell people about them," Kolmar says.

Click below to check out which rooms survey participants told Movoto are the best places in a home to have sex. (Total results equal more than 100% due to rounding.)

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