Mastercard And Eataly Announce A New Partnership To Promote Slow Food And Fast Payments

The philosophy of pleasure associated with quality food promoted by Eataly meets the simplicity, security and speed of paying by MasterCard. This is what lies at the heart of the new partnership between MasterCard and Eataly, who today announced an international agreement to offer MasterCard cardholders unique experiences at all Eataly stores in Italy and worldwide.

The agreement puts the “slow food, fast payments” credo into practice, creating perfect synergy between the two companies’ cultures. Eataly is founded on the quality of its food and raw materials, on which customers’ attention is fully focused. Which is precisely why the other elements in the buying experience, like payment, must be safe, simple and smart, and MasterCard’s contactless payment technology delivers just that. This agreement represents an important step forward to the diffusion of new payment systems and responds to growing consumer demand for more simplification and innovation.

As the partnership is international in scope, consumers will also have access to a range of exclusive benefits around in the world: Eataly, which started out in Turin in 2007, now has 20 stores in three countries (Italy, Japan and the US) and in cities like New York, Chicago, Tokyo, Dubai and Istanbul, and plans for new openings in 12 major international cities over the next three years. Many of the cities in which Eataly stores are located, New York first of all, are MasterCard  Priceless Cities, a programme launched in 2011 in New York and now extended to 26 big capital cities. The Priceless Cities programme offers cardholders a new way to enjoy exclusive experiences and dedicated benefits. The offers in the programme cover fine food and wine, culture and art, sport, entertainment, shopping and travel. Italian consumers can access the programme at the website, which features numerous exclusive offers in the cities most frequently visited by Italian tourists, including London, Paris, New York and Miami.

In New York, where there has been Eataly since 2010 is one of the most visited places in Manhattan, with a turnover of 75 million dollars and 6 million visitors every year, the Priceless Cities program is already active with food and wine events and courses dedicated to MasterCard cardholders.

At Eataly’s Italian stores in Rome and Turin, MasterCard cardholders are now able to attend exclusive cooking lessons featuring exciting tours and recipes signed by Italy’s leading chefs, take part in special cooking lessons for families, and make use of reserved entrances before normal opening time. “I love slowness in everything that has to do with food. Slowness is a guarantee of quality. In the services that surround us, on the other hand, I prefer speed, combined with precision,” clarifies Eataly president and owner Oscar Farinetti, “particularly for payments. This is why Eataly has entered into this important partnership with MasterCard, in order to offer “Eatalians” simple, safe and smart methods of payment.”

“MasterCard and Eataly enjoy a shared vision; enhancing and innovating the consumer journey through innovation and priceless experiences,” comments Monica Biagiotti, Marketing Director, MasterCard Europe. “Through this new partnerhship MasterCard and Eataly will not only deliver slow food and fast payments in Priceless cities around the world but will also enable us to maximize our Priceless platform by offering exclusive experiences for MasterCard customers.”

About Eataly

Eataly is a synonym in the world of fine food for high quality. “Alti Cibi, “High Foods” is the slogan used to express the company’s philosophy. The goal of Eataly right from the outset has been to offer not only a way to eat well, but also to learn about good food and to share it with others. With capillary distribution throughout Italy and constant international expansion, Eataly promotes a passion for food and improves the pleasure of eating well, which has always been the ideal way to enjoy good company together.

About MasterCard

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