AkzoNobel Welcomes The World To Planet Possible

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, Oct. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --
AkzoNobel has reinforced its position as a global leader in sustainability bylaunching a new concept which captures the essence of the company's strategy todeliver more value from fewer resources.Known as Planet Possible, it's not only designed to drive innovation and promoteradical efficiency, but will also inspire employees, customers and suppliers andbuild on AkzoNobel's number one ranking for the last two years on the Dow JonesSustainability Indices.Speaking ahead of a live online debate taking place today to promote the launch,Corporate Director of Sustainability, André Veneman, said that Planet Possiblerepresents the next significant leap forward in the company's ongoing journey toconnect value creation to resource efficiency."We know that our success depends on our ability to do radically more withradically less, so we have adopted a strategy which involves us working withcustomers to open up infinite possibilities in a finite world," he explained."It's important that we accelerate the pace of our commitment and betterunderstand the changes that will be required in our market segments, so we aretaking a major step to turn challenges into opportunities."Adopting a Planet Possible approach will enable us to work together withcustomers and suppliers to develop leading solutions and meet ever-changingmarket needs. It will also help us to realize our sustainability ambitions, suchas achieving a revenue share of at least 20 percent from products that are moresustainable for customers than those of our competitors."Today's online debate is available as a live video stream via the company'sakzonobel.com corporate website. It will feature Veneman discussing the theme ofdriving more value from fewer resources with two independent experts, DaxLovegrove from WWF and Martin Chilcott from 2degrees, the world's largest onlinecommunity of sustainability professionals. The live broadcast starts at 14.00CET and will also be made available as an edited "on demand" video.Continued Veneman: "The world being limited by resources doesn't mean ourambition and imagination have to be restricted as well. We're committed tofinding opportunities where there don't appear to be any."- - -AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and coatings company and a major producerof specialty chemicals. We supply industries and consumers worldwide withinnovative products and are passionate about developing sustainable answers forour customers. Our portfolio includes well-known brands such as Dulux, Sikkens,International and Eka. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we areconsistently ranked as one of the leaders in the area of sustainability. Withoperations in more than 80 countries, our 50,000 people around the world arecommitted to delivering leading products and technologies to meet the growingdemands of our fast-changing world.Not for publication - for more informationCorporate Media Relations, Tel. +31 20 502 78 33Contact: Paul ThomasAkzoNobel news release pdf: http://hugin.info/130660/R/1732915/580575.pdfPlanet Possible logo: http://hugin.info/130660/R/1732915/580579.jpg[HUG#1732915]