Government Shutdown Investing List

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Politics have dominated stock market action recently, and that's unlikely to change soon.

The continuing government shutdown and the looming mid-October debt ceiling debate are creating a lot of noise for investors.

But why not invest in what's working, instead of looking at a stock and thinking, What might happen to it if the government shutdown lasts really long? or This is kind of a risky play, but it might work out if the S&P 500 doesn't plunge.

At times like this, so many investors avoid buying what is working and get distracted by the noise and fear.

One caveat, however: Although stocks like Netflix ( NFLX), Tesla Motors ( TSLA) and Facebook ( FB) keep ripping higher, I'm apprehensive to put money to work there.

Why? Well simply put, their fundamental stories aren't compelling enough at current valuations.

There are plenty of stocks that have strong fundamental stories and strong uptrends. Stocks such as Visa ( V), MasterCard ( MA) and Starbucks ( SBUX) all have all been incredibly strong in 2013, and there's a reason: quality.

Boeing ( BA) is another name that should continue to "work."

We'll be lucky, though, if it gets knocked down 15 or 20 points because of the government shutdown and fears about Boeing's defense business. That's because it would present us with a buying opportunity. Boeing has a big enough backlog for its passenger jets to satisfy investors for years.

Remember, Boeing pays a dividend yield of 1.75% (which used to be much bigger before the stock appreciated 55% this year).

The other good names I mentioned also might see pullbacks. But look at their multiyear charts. Those of Visa and MasterCard show a gradually rising straight line from left to right.

Turning to Starbucks, it has been a beast, and its international story is just getting started. The 1,000 current locations in China, which management is regarding as its new growth market, are expected to increase 33% to 1,500 by the end of 2014. The company deserves its premium valuation, simply because it is a premium company.

The bottom line is simple: In prosperous times, buying quality companies with strong trends will pay off handsomely. In times of trouble, it'll pay off twice as well.

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