Neonode Signs License Agreement With Lierda Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd For A New Multi-Purpose Outdoor And Industrial Touch Platform

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Neonode Inc., (Nasdaq:NEON), the optical touch technology company, announced today the cooperation with Lierda Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd. a leading developer of embedded system solutions and IOT (Internet of Things) application products. Lierda will implement Neonode's Multisensing® touch technology into a versatile 7-inch platform, designed for variety of industrial system applications, including outdoor touch displays, POS, automotive and HMI displays.

"We are very happy about the cooperation with Lierda. This license agreement represents a high-royalty business for Neonode, and signals the snowballing industry demand for new alternatives to standard capacitive touch solutions, proven unsuitable for this type of platforms. We anticipate that the need for cost efficient, reliable and high-performing touch solutions such as our Multisensing technologies will prove to be a winner in this emerging market segment," says Thomas Eriksson, Neonode CEO.

Neonode's Multisensing solution provides an unmatched high speed and accuracy, and is designed to withstand frequent use and wear. The technology is resistant to false touches caused by dust, grime or water droplets, which is a prerequisite for open-air displays. Furthermore, the design allows for any object input, such as pens or styluses, and enables excellent optical clarity - an important factor for outdoor displays that are exposed to sunlight.

"We feel confident that Neonode's strong-featured Multisensing solution is the perfect match for us as it has proven to be highly responsive, provide a no-glare user interface and gives a drastically improved user experience," says Eldon Teng, CEO of Lierda Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd.

About Lierda Science & Technology Co., Ltd

Lierda Science and Technology Group Co. Ltd (LSD) is a modern China-based enterprise that provides embedded system solutions and IOT (Internet of Things) application products.

About Neonode

Neonode Inc. (Nasdaq:NEON) develops and licenses the next generation of Multisensing touch technologies, allowing companies to differentiate themselves by making high performing touch and proximity solutions at a competitive cost. Neonode is at the forefront of providing unparalleled user experiences that offer significant advantages for OEM's. This includes state-of-the-art touch and proximity technology features such as low latency pen or brush sensing, remarkably high speed scanning, proximity-, pressure-, and depth sensing capabilities and object-size measuring.

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