Twitter's Unlikely Beneficiary: Hoboken, NJ

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- They say you should never mix business with pleasure. For me, that's now impossible.

Following Twitter's S-1 filing last night and aside from the obvious metrics to look at the business prospects, perhaps the key takeaway was how important Twitter has become as a news source, especially during major events. The 'Miracle on the Hudson' in 2009, President Obama's re-election, and Hurricane Sandy were prominently featured in the filing, with something very close to home resonating for me: Hoboken, NJ.

As a result of Hurricane Sandy, Hoboken, NJ (where I'm a proud resident), the city was badly torn up. Thousands of residents were displaced, businesses were closed for weeks, and there was a general sense of agony in the community. In the filing, it shows a tweet from Hoboken's Mayor, Dawn Zimmer, outlining the scale of Hoboken's challenges as a result of the storm. "Just advised the national guard has arrived in Hoboken. More to come," the mayor tweeted.

A tweet from the American Red Cross is also featured, describing just how bad the situation was as a result of the storm. "In Hoboken, we have 20 vehicles and 6 box trucks w boxed lunches, ready-to-eat meals, water, 7 mental health workers (11.1.12) #Sandy"

Twitter's relevance is particularly obvious in events such as Sandy, especially for me, as I lived through it, experiencing first hand the devastation caused to my hometown.

Mayor Zimmer thanked Twitter for the shoutout in the S-1 filing, tweeting that the microblogging social network helped people keep in contact during the storm.

What makes it perhaps even more interesting is that Hoboken has started to see a renaissance as a burgeoning tech community, due in large part to Twitter. Stevens Institute of Technology is one of the finest engineering schools in the country. There's a meetup held every month in Hoboken to discuss the technology field, bringing together some of the best minds in venture capital, technology, and business. While Hoboken is no Silicon Valley or even Silicon Alley (an area in NYC where a growing tech community is taking place), it's seeing a tech renaissance, and it's nice to be a small part of it.

It's nice to see Hoboken featured so prominently in Twitter's S-1 filing, even if it was for something that we hope we'll never see again.

Oh, and Mayor Zimmer, thanks for the follow ;)

-- Written by Chris Ciaccia in New York

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