6. Tie: Denver Broncos/New York Giants/New York Jets/Houston Texans/San Diego Chargers/Tennessee Titans/Cincinnati Bengals/Cleveland Browns
Price of a small draft beer: $5 for 12 ounces
Price per ounce: 42 cents

When a full quarter of the league charges the same price for beer, that's isn't "low." That's pretty much the going rate.

We'd love to say that all of this is a result of one company standardizing prices, but the teams above are divided amongst concessionaires Aramark, Delaware North and Centerplate. They're also self-reporting that beer price, which means fans may be hard pressed to find the "small" size at $5. The stipulation for this list is that such a beer needs to be sold on the grounds of the stadium on gameday for the price listed, but we've received complaints about this before.

There's plenty of reason for skepticism, considering that five of the eight teams charging this price (Jets, Giants, Texans, Broncos and Chargers), boast ticket prices above the league average. As we'll discover, though, there's little to no correlation between ticket prices and beer prices in the NFL.

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