SAN DIEGO ( TheStreet) -- They are dream makers, and they cater to people who dream big -- people who dream of exotic destinations such as Easter Island, Bora Bora, Myanmar, Bali and Bhutan. And for whom money is no object when chasing dreams.

Intrav is the dream maker in question, a private jet travel company that launched in April and offers luxury itineraries starting at $99,950 per person.

For that price everything is included -- with that definition depending on the itinerary you choose.

"Timeless Destinations -- A Journey Around the World," for example, circumnavigates the globe and includes stops in iconic destinations such as Rio de Janeiro; Easter Island; Bora Bora; Sydney; Yangon and Bagan, Myanmar; Taj Majal and Jaipur, India; Istanbul; and Marrakech, Morocco.

A simple laundry list of the geographic destinations included on an Intrav trip however, doesn't truly capture "everything."

"When we launched in April, the thing we had to really make clear to people is that everything is included -- everything from the jet, to all ground experiences, to ground transfers, all of your meals, drinks, alcoholic beverages and the staff. You have two to three people who act as your journey concierge and an 11-person flight crew who are with you the whole time," says Taemi Lim, Intrav's director of marketing.

Yes, there are exotic and iconic destinations. But getting there will be half the fun. Maybe more.

The journey takes places on a Boeing 757 that under normal circumstances ferries about 233 passengers, Lim says.

Intrav's jets however, have been completely redesigned. Wipe your mind clean of the packed-like-sardines coach seats with broken footrests and stale pillows. Where once there were 233 seats, there now exists only 50, Lim says.

"We ripped out the interior and reconfigured it with our seats, making it far more spacious," she says.

And far more luxurious.

Flying with Intrav means resting on Italian-designed seats that include in-seat massage and four-way adjustable headrests. And here's another detail worth noting: Unlike other private jet travel operators, Lim says, the seats on Intrav flights convert into beds that are more than 6 feet long.

"We are the only private jet travel operator that has first-class flatbed seats. The other operators all have business-class bucket seats," she says.

No need to cart your own pillow or blanket from home either to ensure proper sleeping conditions. Celestial bedding with pillow-top mattresses, duvet and deluxe pillows are also part of the luxury experience aboard an Intrav flight.

So now are you ready to plunk down $100,000? Wait, there's more.

The flight includes Wi-Fi connectivity throughout and an extensive staff to meet your every need, including a private chef preparing personalized meals made with fresh ingredients.

"It's very personalized. The moment the 50 guests arrive at the gateway city, they meet their staff and they are traveling with that same staff the entire time," Lim says.

Travelers also get an iPad mini to keep and use throughout the trip. Intrav is designing its own app for the iPad that will serve as something of a digital concierge, allowing travelers to explore destinations, choose activities and update itineraries and preferences. The Intrav app will also provide travel tips and access to curated content from industry experts, travel writers, adventurers and renowned chefs.

The first Intrav trip departs in April, and nearly all 50 seats are booked already, Lim says.

"It is the bucket list demographic, and also people of high net worth," Lim says. "But we've also seen schoolteachers who have dreamed of a vacation like this and take part of their savings, retire and take a trip of this kind. And politicians and entertainment industry folks."

"It's a unique thing," Lim says. "A lot of people aren't aware that traveling in this way is available."