International Atherosclerosis Society And Pfizer Independent Grants For Learning & Change Collaborate On New Grant Opportunity

Today the International Atherosclerosis Society (IAS) and Pfizer Independent Grants for Learning & Change (IGLC) announce their collaboration on a new grant opportunity focused on improving care for patients around the world with medium or high levels of cardiovascular risk, with a particular focus on dyslipidemia.

The Request for Proposals (RFP) being issued today by both organizations is intended to encourage organizations to submit concepts and ideas for design and implementation of scalable, sustainable programs for healthcare providers and patients in developing countries, designed to improve the management of dyslipidemia and other cardiovascular risk factors.

The IAS is an international federation of 64 national and regional societies whose basic missions are to promote the scientific understanding of the etiology, prevention, and treatment of atherosclerosis. The IAS exists to coordinate the exchange of scientific information among its member societies, to foster research into the development of atherosclerosis and related cardiometabolic diseases, and to help translate this knowledge into improving the effectiveness of programs designed to prevent and treat this disease. As such, the IAS is able to create partnerships worldwide, especially in those areas of the world where the epidemic of atherosclerosis and its related diseases is exploding and thus meet the growing needs in countries in Central and South America, in Eastern Europe, in Africa, in the Gulf Region and in South and South-East Asia.

The mission of the IGLC is to accelerate the adoption of evidence-based innovations that align the mutual interests of patients, healthcare professionals, and Pfizer, through support of independent professional education activities. The term “independent” means the initiatives funded by Pfizer are the full responsibility of the recipient organization. Pfizer has no influence over any aspect of the initiatives, and only asks for reports about the results and impact of the initiatives which it may share publicly.

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