The phone is very large, so people with smaller hands will probably not prefer it. It's more slippery than I would like, but not nearly as bad as the HTC One. All in all, it feels okay in the hand.

Under the skin, this is the first broadly available (on all US carriers) mainstream smartphone built on Qualcomm's ( QCOM) new flagship CPU, the Snapdragon 800. All the benchmarks show it beating the other previous top dog Androids built on the Snapdragon 600 by wide margins. Sounds exciting, no?

Well, if I could only tell the difference. I don't doubt the benchmarks, but perhaps it should tell us something profound about the Android smartphone market when one can barely notice the performance bump in the market's new flagship.

LG's version of Android is built on top of 4.2.2. Overall, I find the modifications to the menus and notifications to be very poor compared not only to the obviously clean Nexus (and Motorola's new smartphones), but even compared to Samsung.

As for the on-screen keyboard, it didn't seem to predict the next word I was going to type, and it was not great at predicting even the current word being typed. In comparison, I found both the Nexus and Samsung approaches to the keyboard to be a bit better.

On the plus side, I found two things:

1. The huge screen in combination with the 1080x1920 resolution and LG's redesign of the icon grid means the LG G2 fits 30 icons per page. This is up from 21 on the regular Nexus, as illustrated by this comparative picture:

2. Unique to LG, the menu/navigation buttons are configurable in software. No more having to stick to a fixed layout.

The Pink Elephant In the Middle Of The Room: Nexus 5

Unless every single leaked information on the Internet is wrong, the Nexus 5 is based largely on this LG G2. Yes, there will be some modifications to the buttons, the display, the battery and perhaps the camera, but the Nexus 5 will gain the following advantages:

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