Review: LG G2 Is Android's New Top Dog

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Want the fastest Android smartphone? The one with the biggest screen and smallest bezel? The best battery life? Then the LG G2 is your answer.

And I still can't recommend buying it, sort of.

Let me tell you why.

First, the strengths of the LG G2. This is a flagship smartphone that's shaped and sized almost identically to the Samsung Galaxy S4. Here are the important variances:

The screen is 5.2 inches in a shell that normally fits only a 5-inch screen. This means the bezel is the thinnest we have yet to see. How did LG accomplish this?

These record-thin bezels lead us to the most radical thing about the LG G2: the buttons. There aren't any on the sides, unlike all other phones in the market. On the LG G2, they are on the back, in the middle, right below the camera lens.

Whoa! That's radical. Yes, but it works. And it didn't take me hours, let alone days, to get used to it. It felt natural within seconds. Your fingers strain less. In addition, to wake up the screen, you can also simply tap on the screen twice: "knock, knock." Why didn't anyone think of this before?

I tested the version of the LG G2 that's sold on T-Mobile ( TMUS). The Verizon ( VZ) version has a different set of buttons. After playing with the Verizon version for a few minutes one has to wonder who at Verizon forced LG to sabotage this otherwise outstanding device.

The battery is a massive 3,000 mAh, and the result is the best battery life I have seen on a smartphone, with the possible exceptions of the Motorola Maxx and Samsung Galaxy Note. However, the battery is not removable, and there is no MicroSD storage expansion slot.

How does the LG G2 feel in the hand, other than the button placement? Well, it's just about as good as the Samsung Galaxy S4, aside from the novelty of the button placement. All in all, it's close to a draw between the two.

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