aProCh -- A Protagonist in Every Child -- is an initiative started by Ahmedabad’s Riverside School to create India's first child-friendly city.

aProCh organises special activities for children that take advantage of Ahmedabad’s parks and other areas of the city not initially designed for the 'nurturing of' childhood, and provide experiences where safety, curiosity, exploration and community become part of a child's everyday life.

aProCh also works with municipal authorities to enhance the physical environment for children.

Over the past six years, the project has gathered the support of the municipality, parents, children, private enterprises and concerned individuals, and has become a city-wide initiative with collaborative efforts from all stakeholders.


Bangalore-based CMC, in cooperation with the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation, has created India’s first Intelligent Transport System, initially focused on a fleet of 500 buses in the city of Mysore, with the aim of extending to 4,000 buses across the State in its second phase.

The objective of the project, funded by the World Bank, is to overcome strategic transport challenges such as congestion, poor infrastructure, affordability constraints, increasing emissions and the service needs of a growing customer base.

It addresses this through real-time dissemination of information on bus arrival times -- obtained via satellite-based GPS and displayed on large LED screens at bus stops and by SMS messages.

Digicel PNG Foundation

The Digicel Papua New Guinea Foundation has established a programme in partnership with the Ginigoada Business Development Foundation that aims to improve living standards in deprived communities by training residents in a range of skills from personal health to financial awareness.

The Life and Business Skills Program is comprised of a two-week syllabus -- the first week involves workshops aimed at increasing awareness about gender equality, family violence, sexual health and hygiene issues, while the second week offers interactive business training focused on family finance, income generation activities and building overall confidence.

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