The media will say this is a shrewd move by the genius Hastings to maximize every possible subscriber gateway. They'll say this is how Hollywood mastermind Ted Sarandos works -- he wants Netflix side-by-side with cable just to show the 12 Americans who don't know what Netflix is how much better it is than traditional television.

I won't drone on because you won't listen to me anyway. You didn't in 2011 when I told you to get a room prior to NFLX's crash from $300 to $60.

Think about words such as saturation. Consider the number of people who share Netflix accounts (just share some keywords on Twitter). That is, one person pays and shares the log-in with others. Think about what might happen to NFLX stock if the one thing that keeps it going slows, stops or regresses -- subscriber growth.

Why do you think Hastings is blowing what little money his company has to expand internationally? They're tapped out domestically.

Why else would Reed renew his push to become part of the very system -- cable, traditional television -- he takes hypocritical and misguided shots regularly? Why would you want to become part of the cord, this backward-looking thing that people, in droves, are apparently cutting or thinking about cutting?

It's curious.

-- Written by Rocco Pendola in Santa Monica, Calif.
Rocco Pendola is a columnist and TheStreet's Director of Social Media. Pendola makes frequent appearances on national television networks such as CNN and CNBC as well as TheStreet TV. Whenever possible, Pendola uses hockey, Springsteen or Southern California references in his work. He lives in Santa Monica.

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