A Simple, but Crucial Point Apple Haters Ignore

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Another quick hitter on Apple ( AAPL) because, as with calling the media out on another lie in formation, there's a need to sound off, but no need to waste much breath.

Nine million iPhones sold. In one weekend. And people are still criticizing Apple on something other than Tim Cook's ability to generate a new product that rivals, equals or surpasses the success of iPod, iPhone or iPad. I haven't done drugs in a while, but I might as well start because I don't like the way this reality I think I'm living makes me feel.

But thoughts of a California medical marijuana card aside, understand a few things.

First, if you try to find negative in the best opening iPhone weekend ever, there's something wrong with you. I mean this sincerely. All joking aside. You need to take stock of your life. Find out what's not right. Why are you so angry and bitter? Or, worse yet, is your cognitive ability slipping? Catch this stuff and address it before it's too late.

Second, at nine million there are clearly new people jumping on the iPhone bandwagon. One of the renowned Apple number crunchers such as Horace Dediu will need to sort this out, but I reckon we're seeing iPad customers, particularly people who got iPads last Christmas or thereabouts, picking up an iPhone. The halo effect on display.

Plus, the 5c -- agree with the notion of color choices or not -- is the perfect device for a new smartphone customer. People like my mother. Or parents who wrestled with whether or not to get their young child a phone. The 5c could just push many over the edge. I bet it has.

Case in point, my daughter's friend. She ran onto the schoolyard the other day elated to show off her new 5c. If you think these experiences exist in a vacuum, you're wrong. And, again, in need of professional help. (I say this because I care).

But there's an even more important point to make.

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