If Global-Warming Fears Die, These Companies Win

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's Fifth Assessment Report is near release and based on leaks, proponents and skeptics alike will find plenty to talk about.

It appears new climate model adjustments are needed, and despite reported carbon increases, we may not be warming as quickly as some predicted.

Maybe the days of anthropogenic global warming (global warming caused by people) will pass into history like fears of a coming ice age did when I was young. The stakes are high for both sides of the AGW issue, and you can expect the spin masters to be working overtime as soon as the report is released.

As a husband and father of three young boys, I care what's in and what's not in the report, maybe now more than ever. It's fair to say I spend more time thinking about them than I do about myself. I care about the world they will live in and the opportunities they will have available.

I care about what they eat and drink; and I take the time to read packages and learn as much as I can about packaged foods and making healthy choices. I'm amazed at how many products have sugar in them. Amazed might not be the correct description -- frustrated is closer to the mark.

I also worry about the air my family breathes. Most people breathe air that is made up of about 20% oxygen, and I know from experience it only takes a slight decrease to cause rapid breathing, even when sitting. Nitrogen makes up about 78%, and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) makes up about .0038%. In Hawaii, it appears they have recorded CO2 levels above .004%.

According to some, if the CO2 level moves from .004 to say .005% to .006%, the planet will not be able to self correct and life as we know it will end. Floods, droughts, gigantic and destructive storms, mass starvation, and the world would become a generally unpleasant place to be. Well, expect for Wisconsin, as I noticed by looking at the models. Wisconsin's winters become rather mild, with increased growing seasons.

Most, but not all, science information states that CO2 rates are climbing from historical standards, and while CO2 isn't considered the most "greenhouse" of the greenhouse gasses, it's the one most vilified by climatologists.

There are several stocks that stand to gain a lot of ground if CO2 is replaced as the primary driver of AWG and or climate change in general. On the last page of this article, I will cover the stocks you want to look at if carbon suddenly isn't so evil anymore.

First, let's discuss why you should do your due diligence and be skeptical of alarmists and others after the report. And yes, I will show data to back up my position.

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