The app also allows users to get daily updated storefronts of the most renowned brands' flagship stores, create personal wish lists of favorite items, prepare for shopping in the real world by comparing prices of items on the app and by items through linked Web-based stores.

The app's pictures of flagship storefronts are taken by professional photographers. Turnhills works with three -- two focused on New York City stores and one in London.

But no fashion app would be truly complete without including a renowned fashion capital such as Paris, and that fact is not lost on the Verrezen brothers.

"The most beautiful stores of Paris will be added in two weeks," says 26-year-old Stijn Verrezen, who remains at home in Belgium at his "day job" -- at the family's business, a factory that develops sun awnings. Jeroen, 24, is in New York City promoting the app.

The pair started their business on a shoestring, using personal savings, with no investors or PR reps.

They are promoting their app primarily via Facebook ( FB) and other forms of social media, including Pinterest.

And so far, the Verrezen brothers aren't doing all that bad for themselves. Stijn estimates the app has been picking up about 150 users each day. The app can be downloaded for free from iTunes.

In terms of their long-range plans, that's harder to pinpoint. For now, they brothers focused on increasing the number of luxury brands available on the app, with hopes of having 35 luxury brands featured by month's end.

"We really just started out brainstorming and thought this would be a great idea to put our effort into. We're just two guys. We weren't particularly interested in fashion. It was more of a business concept," Stijn Verrezen says. "But we really like the idea of how brands create their reputation and create value."

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