10 Most Expensive Beers In The NFL

PORTLAND, Ore. ( TheStreet) -- Fans will forgive a National Football League team when it loses. They'll roll with it when attendance sags and it doesn't broadcast games on local television. They'll even hang in there when it takes public money to build a stadium, despite the vast wealth of the team's ownership.

Hike the price of beer, however, and you'll give fans enough rage to keep them nice and toasty through the waning regular season games of winter.

The NFL fans who dislodge themselves occasionally from their cushy, screen-and-snack-filled game day caves, turn off DirecTV's ( DTV) NFL Sunday Ticket and actually attend games this year should prepare to get soaked on everything including the suds. The league's average ticket price jumped 3.1%, to more than $81, according to Team Marketing Report. That's the first time it's drifted over the $80 mark, and nearly triple the cost of the average Major League Baseball ticket.

That isn't exactly doing wonders for the argument the NFL is a family-friendly experience. The average cost to take a family of four to a game, park, have a beer, hot dog and soda and go home with a program and cap also jumped 3.7%, to nearly $460. If you're a beer-swilling single, however, it's not such a bad year. After beer prices that jumped from an average of 42 cents an ounce in 2011 to 43 cents an ounce last year, they actually sank to roughly 41 cents an ounce this year.

That's still $7 for little more than a pint, but it seems as if teams are making beer an actual concession to fans feeling otherwise squeezed by ticket prices. In Ohio, fans of the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals still enjoy $5, 12-ounce beers for 42 cents an ounce. That's still costly compared with the 35 cents per ounce paid by folks watching the Miami Dolphins (20 ounces for $7) and New Orleans Saints (24 ounces for $8.50). The Carolina Panthers have easily the lowest per-ounce price in the league at 27 cents per ounce (22 ounces for $6), but the biggest surprise may be in New England. Despite having the league's highest average ticket price at $118 and making the AFC Conference Championship last year, the 38 cents per ounce the team charges for beer ($7.50 for 20 ounces) is the lowest of any team that made the playoffs last year.

Other fans aren't nearly as fortunate. With help from Team Marketing Report's Fan Cost Index, we found the Top 10 beer prices in the league and the teams that view their fans as a keg of cash with a tap that's always open:

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