Best Seven-passenger SUV
2014 Buick Enclave
MSRP: $38,740

Edmunds could have picked the less-expensive GMC Acadia or Chevrolet Traverse for this list, but no: Of the Lambda platform trio of GM crossovers, it just had to pick the costliest one on the list. Ignoring the absolutely deplorable combined 20 miles per gallon of so-called efficiency, there isn't a whole lot separating this monster from its siblings.

They all have roughly the same electronics package, they all seat eight passengers, they all have 116 cubic feet of combined cargo space -- the best in their class. So why the Enclave? We'll let Edmunds explain:

The Enclave possesses near-luxury styling cues, high-quality cabin materials, extra sound insulation and greater standard feature content than its sedan brand mates. As a result, it's simply more special than its fellow Lambda triplets.

See, it's a special little snowflake that just can't make it work for less than $30,000. Surely your family that would be using any of those three vehicles for the same utilitarian purposes deserves something super special for those mundane tasks, right?

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