Why Does Apple Let That Dump Walmart Discount iPhones?

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- The last time Bruce Springsteen sweated on me at a concert, I didn't wash my arm for a month. The last time I stepped into a Walmart ( WMT), I bathed thrice a day for a month straight.

I'm tired of beating around the bush.

While not all Walmart stores are dumps, quite a few are. They're soulless, uninspiring environments packed with so many mutants the People of Walmart Website can't possibly process all the worthy content it receives fast enough.

Now, hold your fire.

This doesn't mean you're a loser if you shop at Walmart. It's no sin to save a buck or accept convenience. Plus, depending on where you live, you might not have many options like hoity-toity Manhattanites or self-righteous West Coasters. And let's face it, picking on Walmart has become a national pastime (not to mention the most accurate set of stereotypes ever perpetuated). It's all fun and games until somebody gets offended or a greeter gets trampled by a mob of holiday shoppers.

Simply stated, you just shouldn't be able to buy Apple products at Walmart. It's a complete joke.

And, ultimately, the joke's on Apple ( AAPL).

Throw all of these big box retailers into a pile -- Walmart, Best Buy ( BBY) and the somewhat more tolerable Target ( TGT). They'll sell just about anything (unless, of course, it has offensive lyrics) if there's a chance you'll buy it.

It's mind-boggling. Why would Apple want to be a part of this on any level? I hit on this Thursday in my 5-point plan to keep Apple great, but I beat this horse as early as January of this year. We can't ask for answers on this enough.

And this isn't even a Tim Cook thing. Steve Jobs allowed it to happen as well.

Let's consider some points and possibilities.

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