BURLINGTON, Mass., Sept. 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Exa ® Corporation (Nasdaq:EXA), a global innovator of fluids simulation solutions for product engineering, announced the release of the newest version of its noise analysis simulation software solution, PowerACOUSTICS ® 3.0. This latest release allows users to predict noise transmission into the cabin from the underbody flow, which is an important source of wind noise in the low-mid frequency range. Users can now also add in any other noise contributions such as from road, tire, or engine sources, giving PowerACOUSTICS the ability to synthesize total noise in the interior. This release also features new acoustic visualization capabilities that provide enhanced visibility and understanding of the acoustic field, enabling even better insight to the sources of aerodynamically-induced noise.
Wavenumber Filter
Visualization of acoustics on an automotive side glass and the turbulent flow that generates it using Exa PowerFLOW fluid simulation & PowerACOUSTICS acoustic analysis products. Side glass shows new Acoustic Wavenumber Filter (AWF) visualization technique that enables engineers to more easily identify wind noise sources and opportunities for noise reduction.

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With recent advances in the reduction of engine and tire noise, and with ever more vehicle electrification, wind noise is an increasing component of the total noise in the interior. Exa provides a complete, integrated, solution for prediction of noise levels and identification and reduction of wind noise sources. PowerFLOW's inherently transient fluid simulation provides accurate prediction of the turbulent and acoustic wind noise sources. PowerACOUSTICS predicts transmission of those sources to the cabin interior or propagation to the far field, and the ability to simulate the effects of different sound-reduction packages, such as use of laminated glass or damping materials.

"Quiet vehicles are what consumers demand and manufacturers strive for," remarked Robert Powell, Director of Structural Acoustics for Exa and chairperson of the SAE 2013 Noise & Vibration Conference. "Quietness equates to quality for the consumer. I'm thrilled that we can now accurately synthesize the total noise experienced by the occupants. This latest PowerACOUSTICS release further extends Exa's leadership in aeroacoustic simulation."

PowerACOUSTICS 3.0 highlights include:
  • Predict Total Wind Noise Contribution

PowerACOUSTICS' Noise Transmission Module (NTM) now provides the option to include floor panels in the structural acoustics model of the vehicle, enabling complete prediction of the underbody wind noise contribution to the overall noise heard at driver and passenger head locations.
  • Complete Vehicle Interior Noise, or Complete Far-Field Noise, Including all Sources

In addition to directly predicting the total Wind Noise contribution at a microphone location, other contributions can now be directly included in order to easily plot and evaluate total SPL spectra and contribution by source.
  • Advanced Capabilities for Flow-Induced Acoustic Visualization

Two new acoustics visualization features, 'wavenumber filtering' and time derivative calculations of pressure, provide enhanced visibility of the acoustic field, making it easier to assess and improve design related to the generation of acoustics.

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