Equifax Announces White Paper On How To Restore Credit Line Increases, Boost Revenue

ADVISORY, Sept. 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --
WHAT: Historically, card issuers used in-house data and analysis to determine a cardholder's ability to pay. Those who met the criteria were automatically given a credit line increase (CLI). When cardholders receive a CLI, their balance typically grows an average of three percent within the first 12 months. Conversely, consumers who do not receive CLIs cut spending.
  Offering credit line increases is much more difficult for card issuers today. Regulators have changed the rules on how cardholders qualify. Now, card issuers must rely on the stated income a consumer provides in the initial application – information that regulators say is only valid for CLI verification for a limited amount of time. Or issuers must use income data that is verified by a third party. 
WHY: The regulatory change has been costly. Card issuers have seen as much as a 90 percent decrease in CLI-eligible accounts. Unfortunately, many card issuers lack the verified income information now required for CLI solicitations. 
WHO: In its latest white paper, "Recapturing CLIs: How a Diversified Data Strategy Can Help Card Issuers Restore Credit Line Business – and Boost Revenue," Equifax reveals how card issuers can recapture eligible consumers and restore CLI-related revenue through four strategies, including: 
  -- Card issuers can consolidate their existing ability-to-pay data into an internal income hub;
  -- They can reach out directly to CLI prospects to request updated income information; 
   -- Issuers can go to the marketplace for third-party solutions that will help them fill the verified income gap with speed and confidence; and/or 
  -- They can lobby regulators to expand the validity of consumers' stated income beyond the current thresholds. 
  To download the white paper, please visit http://theworknumber.com/Verifiers/Industries/Finance.asp
CONTACT: For more information or to schedule interviews, please contact Demitra Wilson at (404) 885-8907 or demitra.wilson@equifax.com

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