Red Hat Software Collections is available for use with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 to customers and partners with the following active Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server, Premium and Standard
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation, Premium and Standard
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Academic Server, Self-support
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Academic Workstation, Self-support
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Academic Site Subscription, all support levels
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite, Self-support
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Support, all support levels
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Workstation, all support levels
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Not-for-resale (NFR) subscriptions for qualifying Partners
  • Red Hat Enterprise Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform (all support levels)
  • Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure (all support levels)

Supporting Quotes

Jim Totton, vice president and general manager, Platform Business Unit, Red Hat

“To deliver a cutting-edge application, organizations must often choose between innovation and stability, a balancing act that frequently leads to chronic instability or feature stagnation. Red Hat Software Collections tackles this mutual exclusivity by allowing developers to use the latest, stable versions of Python, Ruby, MySQL, and other languages and databases used for modern web applications, all delivered with the full value and enterprise-grade qualities of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription. Additionally, Red Hat Software Collections introduces Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscribers to MariaDB, a database alternative to MySQL.”

Roland Benedetti, vice president, Product Management, eZ Systems

“As a commercial open source software vendor, we consistently recommend Red Hat Enterprise Linux to our customers and support it as a reference platform; Red Hat Software Collections makes it even easier for us to reinforce these stances. While we praise Red Hat Enterprise Linux’s overall stability, Red Hat Software Collections adds additional value by enabling us to rely on more modern versions of key components, like the MySQL or MariaDB databases and the PHP web stack. In short, we can now combine system stability with innovation on quickly-evolving components, without compromising quality assurance, leading to enhanced customer value. eZ Systems, as much as our customers, will absolutely be leveraging Red Hat Software Collections for the innovation it brings.”

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