DS Healthcare Group Launches Brazilian E-Commerce Site To Support Sales Momentum In Fast Growing Beauty Market

Pompano Beach, Sept. 11, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DS Healthcare Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:DSKX), a leading developer ofpersonal care products, today announced it has launched itsBrazilian website: http://dslabshop.com.br. Thee-commerce site provides convenient online shopping for Brazilians.The site also offers extensive product information to supportin-stores sales of its products.

DS Healthcare recently expanded the distribution of its productsinto Brazil's CSB Drogaria which operates two retail pharmacychains, Drogasmil and Farmalife with stores primarily located inthe Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area.

"Our new e-commerce site in Brazil reaches the country's broaderpopulation. Our 10 best-selling SKUs approved for commercializationare currently being sold in the Brazilian market through retailstores in one key metropolitan area and we expect our nationalreach through e-commerce will further increase exposure and salesof our products," stated DS Healthcare President and CEO DanielKhesin. "We've seen through our initial pilot programs that ourproduct line, particularly our hair growth products are ideallysuited for the Brazilian consumer."

According to Euromonitor, a market research firm, the Brazilianbeauty industry generated $43 billion in sales in 2011, an increase of 19% over the prioryear.

About DS Healthcare Group

DS Healthcare Group Inc. leads in the development anddistribution of topical therapies for personal care, including whatmanagement believes is the world's most effective topical treatmentfor hair loss. Its products are sold through a network of salons,pharmacies, online retailers, specialty retailers and selectdepartment stores. Its brands include DS Laboratories ( www.DSLaboratories.com), Sigma Skin (www. ( www.SigmaSkin.com), Polaris ResearchLaboratories  ( www.PolarisResearchLabs.com) The PureGuild  ( www.ThePureGuild.com) and NutraOrigin  ( www.NutraOrigin.com)

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