New Simulation Tools Capture Dynamic Nature Of Coking Operations With Highly Detailed Data On Full Process

Refiners know that coking is a highly profitable and indispensable part of their portfolio. Unlike many other refining processes, coking is not a “Set and Forget” operation. Its semi-batch operation demands that unit operators continually interact with the system with precise timing. Complicating matters is the need to handle petroleum in all three phases – vapor, liquid and solid. It’s an operation that, until now, was largely taught through books and on-the-job training.

Global energy service solutions provider, GSE Systems Inc. (NYSE MKT:GVP), now offers a multimedia tutorial and a real-time dynamic simulation for delayed coking units. Part of GSE Systems’ line of EnVision™ e-learning and Universal Simulations, the coking unit tools provide a safe, interactive method for training unit operators on the entire process.

“These tools go far beyond any other coker training tools available today,” said Santosh Joshi, Vice President of GSE Systems. “They use rigorous mathematical process models to provide accurate, dynamic data and response for every part of the process, and include continuous dynamic indication of outage, volatile combustible material, and sponge/shot quality. It helps plant managers improve their bottom line when the operator takes that knowledge to the plant floor.”

The delayed coker products have elicited very positive feedback from customers. One customer’s experienced delayed coker unit operator explained, “Seeing the visual of recycle to the frac[tionator], helped me to ‘get the big picture’ in a way I never had before.” The training advisor for an international refinery was also pleased stating, “I think this would be a great tool for someone who is starting training in the delayed coker.”

Using the simulation trainees are able to practice:
  • Startup and shutdown operations;
  • Drum switching, cutting, unheading and reheading;
  • Blow-down steps (steaming, quenching and warm-up);
  • Emergency shutdown operations; and
  • Troubleshooting and recovery from equipment, instrument and control valve malfunctions.

GSE’s EnVision delayed coking unit tutorial combines audio, video, animation and graphics that goes beyond fundamental control to operating philosophy and safety best practices.

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