iRobot Is Sweeping Up Profits

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- My wife and I both work, leaving little time (or desire) to clean the wood floors, vacuum the carpets or mow the lawn.

After adding three young sons and a 100-pound shedding machine known as Sam, our Yellow Lab, it's no surprise that my wife and I haven't gone to the theater to see a non-G rated movie probably since before the Y2K scare.

Floors don't care if you're busy or not, they need to be kept clean. Even if you don't have a lawn, you can believe me when I say they keep growing regardless of your enthusiasm to mow.

Most of the time I don't really mind cutting our lawn. I put on my pair of Bose noise-canceling headphones while holding a cold beverage in one hand and steering my Craftsman lawn tractor with the other. It's easy to know when I'm mowing because you can simultaneously hear the sound of a tractor and one remarkably out-of-tune singing operator, according to my wife and neighbors.

Most of the time isn't all the time, and once in a while the lawn mowing truly gets in the way. It's not easy finding a suitable lawn service that can fit you in right away on an on-call basis. I found out today that iRobot ( IRBT) may have the solution I'm seek.

First, allow me to explain why I started looking at iRobot again.

Like most people, I knew about the round robot vacuum cleaners, and for the most part I thought they were expensive gimmicks. Our solution to carpets and floors was hiring a cleaning service to come in. We tried every other week and weekly schedules, and it helps, but we're still cleaning almost every day.

About two weeks ago, my wife brings home a cheap robot vacuum, and I won't say my eyes didn't roll a little bit, but after 17 years of marriage, you can bet I didn't say a word. I didn't need to; within a few days it was returned.

While walking through Sam's Club I spotted a pallet full of iRobot Roombas for $300 each. I took a picture of it with the price so I would remember to learn about it online. A family friend bought one about a year ago, and I asked what he still had it and liked it. He said they liked it, and I'm planning on making another trip to Sam's to give it a try.

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